Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Why America MUST Die If You're White

by Joseph Adams
Author of Murdering Multiculturalism, Host of "The White Voice" Podcast
Lets put up a quick disclaimer here: If you are a White person, you need to stop rooting for an "American rebound." If you are a non-White, you should be rubbing your hands together in anticipation.
Such a rebound would be on the back of the White taxpayer anyway. C'mon, lets be totally honest here. It is a well known fact that 80% of tax revenue that the government collects comes from the wallet of you, White man. That is off over 14% of population proportion. It is YOU who is paying for the people who milk the social security disability system for everything it is worth, it is you who pay for the unemployment for people who refuse to find a job, oh and pay for the furtherance of it too; all of those extensions, that is on YOUR dime.

All of the free education illegal aliens are getting, all of the college grants members of the armed services are NOT getting that the Mexican illegals are, it's all on your dime. Feel like a sucker, dontcha'?

Here is a short list of things you pay for as a White person:

  •  Obama phones
  • Obama "monies" (food stamps)
  • DREAM ACT education for 1.5 illegal alien children
  • Lunches for illegal aliens
  • Taxes that illegal aliens aren't paying
  • The food, shelter, and cable TV of the 30% of prison inmates that are illegal aliens.
  • The commodities of the 60% of inmates in prisons that are non-White.
  • The high property tax on your suburban home because you can't risk living in the city.
  • The anti-White brainwashing "diversity training" that is administered to White government employees.
  • Black breeding colonies better known as "public housing" or "section 8" residences.

Just what is it about this country that you want to save, crazy? I know, believe me I know it sucks that our once beautiful country is in the process of being transformed into a third-world cesspool full of ingrates.
Oh, and yes, Mitt Romney was right that (at least) "47% of Americans believe they are owed something." Absolutely, positively, 100% right.
What is it that you want to see an American rebound for? Well, I'm sure it can be a lot of things, lets just make a short list.
  • Seeing your people become a minority
Yup, it's not a lie to say that sometime within the next 20 years White people will be a minority in this country. Why do I say 20 instead of 30 years? Well, that is because they are overestimating just how many White people there are in this country, they are not accounting for all of the illegal aliens (practically 97+% non-White) who are within this country at this time, and they are not accounting for the millions of non-White illegal aliens and immigrants that will be within our borders (if such a thing still exists) in the coming years.
To see America have Spanish declared its official language.
I think that the greatest testament to the fact (aside from the naturalization act of 1790) that this country was indeed a White country is that the founding fathers saw it not necessary to establish English as the official language of the land. Afterall, did they ever imagine a bunch of non-White Hispanics, Asians, and Indians would start demanding we speak their language? Not in a million years! It's coming though. The fastest growing population in terms of race in the United States is that of non-White Hispanics. Currently they comprise 25+% of the American population today. You will now say, wrong Joe it is only 16.7%. Yeah, that isn't counting all of the illegal aliens and non-White Hispanics who identify as White for whatever reason and therefore get lumped into the "White" category. Their teenage girls are also the produces of the most illegitimate children as you can see below.
Your descendants will have to "assimilate"
Remember when your ancestors came on the boat to the promised land? Well, probably not but I can assure you that they probably didn't speak that much English; especially if they came from southern and eastern Europe. They also probably didn't participate in all of those American customs. They were very what we will call "cultured." They adhered to their traditional customs from the motherland but with time, all Europeans would come together to create this unique cultural experience that would become known as "American." American values, American customs, and American tradition. As American as apple pie!
Well, nowadays immigrants are forcing Americans (White people) to accommodate their customs, their language barriers, and their traditions. Oh no, rest assured my friend, these people have zero interest in being "Americans." And well, why is that?
It probably has something to do with the fact that this unique cultural experience known as being "American" is a White thing, with a little bit of black sprinkled in there. They have absolutely no interest in partaking in being an American. What they are interested in however is the first-world income! That's right! "ESSE, Ju mean I gotta be like dem gringos!? Not happenin holmes!" So expect your children to have to learn a second foreign language just to have to get a job. If you live in a heavy "multicultural" area, I want you to pause to look up the job listings in your local craigslist. I guarantee that at least half of them require that you speak some other language than Spanish.
"When White people take over non-White countries it is colonialism. When non-Whites take over White countries it is called diversity. Think about it, it makes sense!"

A White minority will NOT be treated how we treat non-White minorities.

You betcha! What are some of the perks of being a non-White in this country? Well lets make a list
  • All of your accomplishments as a people are seen as a positive quality of your race.
  • You are free of any criticism for your failures.
  • Your failures are not due to your own incompetence but rather "racism" no matter what they say.
  • You cannot be criticized as a race for trend-supported stereotypes.
  • You can get a free education because 150 years ago your ancestors were slaves or had their land stolen from them.
  • You are not expected to advance yourself.
Look, I can go on for days but I think you've got the point. Being a minority is superlative no matter what they say. They say it is the conservatives who are racist when in actuality it is those liberals who live preaching the ideas of black entitlement instead of black empowerment
So, I ask of you at this time: how do you think a White minority will be treated?
Free education? Criticism immunity? Free housing? Don't hold your breath.
History dictates time and time again that White minorities aren't exactly treated nicely. Ask a White South African how they have been treated in post-apartheid South Africa. Ask around about how White people were treated in Haiti in early 1800s. What reason do we have to think that the American White minority will be treated any differently? After all, it has the same footprints for the anti-Whites to follow. They will claim that Whites ripped this land off of the Indians, enslaved blacks, and didn't allow Mexicans to freely flow into this country at their will and therefore they must be executed, sterilized, and economically terrorized. 
I think now is a good time for me to stop. But also consider situations like where will White people have to flee after this country is so overpopulated with very fertile and sexually reproductive non-Whites? No more White flight. We see the impact of mass non-White crime across the country. Black terror "flash" mobs, racial gang violence, and so on. What in the world are White people going to do? Oh yeah, after reading this now you might understand why they want to take away your Second Amendment rights, Whitey.
It is as simple as this: minority White America will be hell. Once the non-White population eclipses ours they will still claim Whites are a minority because we comprise a higher population as a race than any other ground. It won't be many years after that when we will see non-White Hispanics over take us in which case it won't even matter. They'll still take us out.
Non-White America is inevitable. Now is the time to figure out what we are going to do.
By Joseph Adams, Host of The White Voice podcast and Author of
"Murdering Multiculturalism: A candid conversation about how cultural and racial diversity is destroying America."


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