Monday, 19 May 2014


This Evil can only be fought through Scripture
Because what is happening is Transgression of the Law
Then Practice what You Preach
This is all happening for a reason
Yahwah is in Total and Absolute control
These Laws are first floated and hatched out in the Proselyte Churchs
Like Homosexuality Gay Marriage Abortion and Commuted Death sentences and in this case Race Mixing
The World Council of Church's and National Council of Church's are Communistic in Agenda and Enslavement of the Mass's
Tolerance Diversity Understanding Racial Equality and Universalism
Before being enshrined in Proselyte Law
To suite the Proselyte Agenda
Church and State working together
When are People going to wake up
The Church is the Demagogic Enemy within
When are People going to wake up to where these problems are being concocted

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