Sunday, 4 May 2014

Jewish Supremacist openly declares war on European & English employees

The BBC's Jewish CEO, James Harding, the son of a Jewish immigrant, undoubtedly having fled from an imaginary holow-hoax, has gone on the offensive against the English folk and all Europeans, utilizing his position to defile the image and sound of the BBC, in order to belittle, undermine and assault Europeans by systematically discriminating against ‘White’ candidates in admissions to the BBC staff and establishing “sponsorship schemes” for untalented non-whites, who otherwise would not stand a chance in regular admissions. The allegedly Jewish-Supremacist, anti-European racist James Harding, like all Jewish-Supremacists, is hiding behind the veneer of respectability and manipulative propaganda, utilizing such terms as ‘unconscious bias’ and ‘stricter diversity targets’ to mask what can only be described as a racist, culturally belittling attempt to systematically remove and prevent the employment of European, especially English staff within the BBC. The Jewish-Supremacist James Harding also seeks to force European and only European members of staff to go through “a course in unconscious bias”. Which again is an attempt to hide behind a veneer of technical vocabulary credibility, otherwise describing, systematic, anti-European and especially anti-English propaganda courses, in a futile attempt to artificially remove racial bias, which in itself is not the reason why so few non-whites are employed in the BBC. The primary reason so few non-whites are employed in the BBC, is because non-whites are simply on average inferior in qualifications, IQ and working-life-attributes to their generally superior ethnic European and Northern European competitors in employment interviews and their past career performance records. That is the true, biological and thus natural reason behind why Europeans are always well employed when not discriminated against. And thus indicative of the sheer anti-natural propaganda and systematic discrimination war that has been waged against Europeans, especially us English even to achieve the BBCs current 21% of staff from non-white groups. Thus revealing that any effort to discriminate against ethnic Europeans is purely an attempt to suppress ethnic Europeans in employment of various kinds due to our own innate excellence. This move being pushed solely by the Jewish CEO of the BBC is an attempt to consolidate the Jewish stranglehold on the BBC, whilst also forcing people to watch non-whites, whilst engaging in career discrimination against us. This is a multiple-pronged attack on Europeans, culturally, symbolically and in a sector of employment, using the clauses of the race-relations act that allow, hypocritically the establishment of ‘sponsorship programs’ or ‘part time internships’ for ‘under-represented groups’. The Jewish-Supremacist James Harding seeks to hide the overt, self-evident anti-European discrimination by adding in that the BBC seeks to employ more disabled and female staff. This is a typical divide and rule tactic, pitching women as a separate group to men, and using the disabled as a block by themselves, in order to achieve the sole aim this Jewish-Supremacist, and all Jewish-Supremacists have, of reducing the number of Europeans in existence, starting with employment, governmental and cultural representation positions. The facade of employing more women will simply result in the employment of more non-white women only, immediately and inevitably at the employment expense of superior, highly-qualified European and English women in positions that have major cultural impacts such as new anchors, who are the public face of the news, and enter the living rooms of millions each day. The BBC, in doing this, is actually hastening its own demise, that their agenda has been widely reported is outraging so many ordinary folk beyond the Jewish dominated, liberal discussion circles of the BBC and Westminster political circles. By ensuring lower quality news presenters and staff manage its core infrastructure and public interaction positions at the expense of superior qualified English staff, in addition to the BBCs already 40 million pound deep cuts in its News budget (to be followed by another 20 million over the next 2 years), the BBC will start to face serious, systemic incompetence issues and institutional failures. Nature always enacts revenge upon those who contravene her laws: The over-representation of non-whites with criminal records and the several hundred percent over-representation of non-white males in rape statistics, will undoubtedly have a knock on effect within the BBC. Inevitably this will set the BBC's back-stage for a serious epidemic of harassment charges, sexual assault scandals and subsequent sackings and internal-disciplinary issues. The public-face of the BBC will become severely and increasingly non-white hastening a substantial increase in the already intense public distrust, ridicule, scepticism and avoidance of the BBC itself. A higher number of non-whites in the BBC will inevitably result in the opinion editorials produced becoming more and more anti-white, making ‘Lenny Henry’ look like a moderate. The announcement of additional waves of systematic discrimination against ethnic Europeans by the non-white Jew James Harding is already a prime example of this anti-European racist attitude that will increasingly shatter and destroy the BBC's reputation and even its legal standing, with inevitable lawsuits being waged against the BBC for discrimination.

 The BBC thus will actually hasten its own demise and awaken so many English and other European peoples within the range of its broadcasts: that will be increasingly becoming anti-ethnic European, anti-English, anti-European-male, anti-European-female and hideously non-white. The BBC Jews are accelerating the awakening of our folk through their own crimes against our folk. We are fortunate in our enemies; we have a Jewish PM-wannabe, a Jewish Archbishop of Canterbury, a Jewish CEO of the BBC, all-espousing and inadvertently exposing their own Jewish-Supremacist anti-European political hegemony that is afflicting our nation and folk. In the short number of years ahead before the BBC's absolute failure, collapse and exposure, upon the catalyst of UKIP, the English people of this nation politically, racially, culturally and spiritually will rise up against and tear down everything that contravenes our interests in our lands and worldwide.

Source Asatru News


Good info to help take the rose tinted glasses off those that don't get it ... and re affirm ours .

White awakening world wide !

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