Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Holocaust denial is form of anti-Semitism, says Israel’s ambassador

Holocaust denial is a form of anti-Semitism, Ilan Mor, Israel’s ambassador to Hungary said at a Holocaust memorial event in the south Hungarian city of Szeged on Wednesday.

Six million victims of the Shoah were murdered twice, Mor said. Once when they were physically eliminated seventy years ago. And again, when they tried to destroy their memory, he told a two-day conference organised by Szeged University, the Szeged Jewish Community and the International Institute for Holocaust Research to mark the 70th anniversary of the Hungarian Holocaust.
He said that anti-Semitism could only be fought against with the help of education.
Mor, noting that the Hungarian government had declared 2014 a year of Holocaust remembrance, expressed the hope that at the end of the year Hungarians and foreigners would be able to say, in retrospect, that the goal of marking the anniversary had been reached, namely, that the events which took place 70 years ago had been remembered and a long process would begin which would give the whole of Hungarian society the chance to confront the period of the Holocaust.
Randolph Braham, emeritus professor of City University of New York, said in a video message to the conference that 565,000 Jews had fallen victim to the Hungarian Holocaust in a particular way: while in Poland the Nazis and their allies had taken five years to murder Jews, in Hungary merely several months had been sufficient for the deportation of Jews living outside the capital.
“This is a record for mass-murder,” enabled by the Sztojay government, which put all the resources of the state — its police, gendarmes and officials — at the disposal of the “workers of the final solution,” Braham said.
Laszlo Botka, the (Socialist) mayor of Szeged, also addressed the conference. He said that instead of confronting the past, Hungarians had “tried to sweep it under the carpet” for the past 70 years. He insisted that the current holders of power in Hungary were encouraging experiments which “whitewash the past of this unspeakably tragic chapter”.


The real antisemitic is Jew! Their good Yahwe orderd them to kill all the Semitic neighbours. An now they kill Palestinians who are also w Semites.

Like I said the Truth cannot and will Not be Registered
We remain the unwanton Recipients of this Monstrous Heinous Lie
A Continuing unrelenting saga
A bitter abusive denunciation of the Truth
An insult to our intelligence and a Diversion and Distraction
To the Real Holocaust
The Jewish Harvests upon which the State of Israel was formed
His blood be on us, and on our children.

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