Friday, 30 May 2014

Berlin bans Hells Angels symbol

Members of the rocker biker gang will no longer be allowed to wear its winged death head symbol in public, wrote the Bild newspaper on Friday.

Clothing or signs with the gang's script declaring "Hell's Angels," or "MC," will also be banned.
Offenders could face fines, confiscation and even imprisonment, police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf told the paper.
"The members of the Hells Angels were given a deadline of four weeks to implement the ban," said Neuendorf.
The ban, which is effective from Friday, comes following a ruling by the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in Hamburg on April 7th, said the paper.
Clothing worn displaying the symbol will be confiscated and the wearer may be fined or in serious cases, face imprisonment.
Other German states are looking into imposing a similar ban, the paper said.


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