Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Nazi-esque Nationalist Posters Hung Up in the Moscow Metro

Nazi posters have appeared in the Moscow Metro

Nazi poster
Posters for the “Great Russia” party have appeared in the Moscow Metro. The posters, as it turned out, almost completely imitate an image of Germany’s National-Socialist Party.
A two headed eagle and a married couple with children are depicted on the posters, writes Facenews.
“Empire is life” the poster says.
The image almost completely matches German National-Socialist Party posters, which Adolf Hitler used in the 1930s to motivate the “Volksdeutsche”.
Social network uses have commented on the poster, saying “Churchill was so right when he said that future fascists would call themselves antifascists”
Note: “Great Russia” is an unregistered party, advocating Russian nationalism.
As Obozrevatel [Note: a Ukrainian news agency] reported, internet users are actively discussing the slip up with the Russian flag during the March of Peace [Note: a march that took place in Moscow in support of peace between Ukraine and Russia.] At that time, two flags were planted on stage: Ukraine’s and Russia’s. The latter flew off the flagpole thanks to a gust of wind.


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