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Nick Griffin: Political Prostitute

If you've never seen a fat man with one eye standing on a street corner in a mini skirt, offering a promise of nationalist victory in exchange for cash, then taking the money and skipping down a dark alley without having even attempted to honour that promise, you've probably never been a member of the BNP. 
 Nick Griffin has been at the helm of the British National Party since 1999. During those fifteen turbulent years since ousting party founder John Tyndall as Chairman in a bloodless coup, he has singlehandedly drained British nationalism of finances, mainstream appeal, talent and hope.
 He has dismantled the BNP from the inside with a devastating combination of incompetence, greed and malice. He is a shameless opportunist according to multiple sources. Even if he is not receiving envelopes stuffed with shekels under the table, he certainly would have earned it, which is all the proof of his allegiance one needs to analyse his motives, given the irreparable damage his has inflicted upon the BNP and through the BNP Nationalism as a whole in the UK and even abroad, through his association with multiple European nationalist parties. 
When you bear in mind the mediocre successes of the BNP in spite of Griffin, it leaves one with a palpable sense of loss for what might have been, had Griffin not been in charge and what will come once he has declined into irrelevance.
 He works in cycles, like a grindstone powered by an endless reserve of hypocrisy, anti-European racial hatred and personal greed. 
 He started out hard-line, attracting the support of real nationalists. Slowly, he dilutes the message, opening the party up to a larger pool of bank accounts in the form of new members and naive financial donators. But, inevitably, nationalists begin dropping out, unimpressed with the direction being taken. 
 This doesn't matter, for a while, as there are plenty of plastic patriots still chipping in and confirmed Jews who surround him on every side, including numerous Jewish donators who have allegedly formed the bedrock of the Trafalgar club membership. A group set up to fund Nick Griffin's BNP, in the face of declining normal membership. 

 But eventually even the cesspool of naive fools, IRA sympathizers and "non-racist" rightist-Catholics get bored, and look for a new shiny object to be a member of to bask in their own worthlessness all whilst their nation is destroyed. Griffin's coffers become bankrupt and the BNP as an unincorporated association becomes dangerously empty. 
 Then it's time to go hard-line: "Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-white" -Screwdriver, "the white race", "tolerance is genocide" "boots on the streets!" And that's the problem. 
On rare occasions, Griffin does speak out publically on a topic close to our hearts, in an inadequate and insulting manner and many fools forgive him. 
 People flock back to the alleged money-sponge that is Griffin because, as far as the electoral system goes, there is no one else.
 "the BNP is the only game in town..." -Nick Griffin
Griffin, acting (metaphorically) as his own pimp, defends his territory viciously; expelling members whom he feels may threaten his position. Indeed, he has always been more concerned with securing his own future and his Semitic looking son and daughter's future as the next leaders of sustainable defeat under the BNP than that of European children as a whole. 
He is renowned for making members applaud his wife and children's 'contributions' after meetings.
 This cycle method of turning the BNP from a party equivocal to "the 1920s Labour party" to a "Social-Nationalist party" (from far-left to soft-left) simultaneously proves all the so-called 'modernization' and moderation efforts of Griffin's BNP could not have been about gaining support, but rather about losing it, to prevent Nationalism from going anywhere as any gains made in decades of modernization are lost within minutes. 

 Nick Griffin is also renowned for destroying the credibility of his own image as a means to an end of destroying the BNPs credibility via a routine series of retarded tweets every few weeks if he is unable to damage his credibility some other way. 
 And the cycle begins anew and the BNP scrapes by on welfare recipient member's monthly direct-debit contributions, welfare-to-welfare, borrowed money, all being funded by your money or your taxes by some indirect and slight route, just like the money Jewish members have given to the BNP, stolen ultimately from ourselves at some inevitable point in our history. 
 Nick Griffin is a parasite upon us all in this respect, whilst also preventing our Nation from rising spiritually, just by association with himself: "sounds like something Nick Griffin would say" and his political status of moral corruption and destruction. 
 Jewish Supremacists in the government and Jewish-NGOs might as well just fund the BNP directly, as some allege they do, because the Jewish-invented welfare system already de-facto funds the BNP. It is not surprising that Nick Griffin is a staunch promoter of Judeo-Christianity, routinely insisting on Semitic prayers being aired before party diners and functions, and also during protests. 

 Griffin has been an MEP since 2009 (which cost the BNP over 500,000 allegedly: one of the most expensive election efforts in UK political history for a single seat), yet disgracefully; Nigel Farage has been far, far more vocal in his criticisms of the European Union than Nick Griffin ever has. 
Although Nigel Farage never names the Jew, he has negated the influence of the Jew more than Nick Griffin has in his entire life, in a single speech, Nigel Farage really goes for the jugular in his scathing indictments of the colossal nation-wrecking beast known as the EU. Meanwhile, Nick Griffin just sits on his hands for the most part, whilst managing to fall-out with and cause tensions with Marine Le Pen and numerous other nationalist European figures. 
 Griffin's EU speeches have No passion. No fury, he makes No blazing speeches. Nigel Farage knows that his words will fall on deaf ears in the European Parliament, but he says them anyway, because he knows that when they go up on UKIP's Youtube channel, tens of thousands of ordinary Brits and wider European and European citizens of the Commonwealth and America will see someone finally saying what they are all thinking on a supra-national level. 
 Their channel is packed with speeches from the European Parliament, some of them clocking over 100,000 views. One speech by Farage, on RT's channel, has well over one million views! Griffin is lucky if he pulls an audience of 3,000 on those rare occasions he says something. 
And even when he does, he usually buffers his statements with a smattering of Jewish appeasement, "the Jewish people should know about suffering, ... about persecution" was a line he uttered whilst supposedly talking about the Jewish authored "model statutes for the promotion of tolerance". 
 Some allege Nick Griffin's sole motivation is the enhancement of his bank balance and that nationalism just happened to be the vehicle he uses to achieve that end. But this is not true, his bankruptcy proves this was not his aim and motivation. 
 These people are lying to an extent, as his motivation is far darker, far more Semitic, even than the pursuit of money, for he is bankrupt and thus only allegedly pursues the destruction of European folk as his main motivation. 
 Nick Griffin is an alleged manipulator and exploiter, hundreds of nationalists have testified to this in personal conversations, internet forums and even publically to Nick Griffin's face before he expels them from 'his' party, which is nothing more than a means to an end, on behalf of those who wish to hold back, spite and ultimately attempt to destroy the European folk from East to West. 
 When Nick Griffin speaks, no one outside nationalist circles listens, other than the self-identified Jewish trolls Griffin flirts with on Twitter. 
 He is an object of satire, a cartoon buffoon in the eyes of the public, a political prostitute to everyone else, including his alleged handlers. Tommy Robinson was a lightweight traitor in comparison to the political prostitute of Nick Griffin. Like many alleged whores, Nick Griffin is also allegedly a political-junkie. He's not addicted to heroin or crack, but to wasting political-capital and potential. 
That's what keeps him turning tricks for his nationalist clientele, and ultimately, allegedly, that which has resulted in his financial bankruptcy. It sits rather well with his political, moral and alleged racial bankruptcy. 

 Nick Griffin now wants an expensive gift from his suitors, a 700,000 pound 'gift' from his members to buy himself an organisers centre/building facility in an effort, not as he says to grow the BNP, but to create a base line, so that it can never collapse, after all these members (from whom he wants to be given 700,000 -1,000,000 pounds to buy a property) have left the BNP in disgust, even then the BNP will have a mechanism then to be able to sustain itself, theoretically even if it had 0 members. BNP membership is estimated to be less than 2,000-3,900 members, having collapsed from 14,000 around 2009/2010. 
 Nick Griffin, stated maliciously at the end of a recent speech, that "this long road...we are all in it together", the BNP being an unincorporated association, truly does mean members are financially liable for the BNPs financial losses (allegedly), on top of the pressure Nick Griffin is pushing for members to make a gift to himself of 700,000 or 1,000,000 pounds, for this 'organisers centre', which will likely become a refugee camp for a bankrupt Griffin and co.   The personally, morally, politically, ethically and financially bankrupt political prostitute: Nick Griffin is at it again, (metaphorically) whoring for money.
 In a recent video, titled "Mass immigration did not happen by accident", he does not even mention the Jews once, this is such an obvious whoring on behalf of Jewry, as the recent Nationalist Asatru News article proves (the Jewish roots of the EU), when talking about the 'designers of the EU', anyone who is actually informed on the subject cannot avoid the fact that 90-100% of the EUs designers and proponents were and still are Jewish.  
 Note recently, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, put out their own manifesto for the EU, in which they assume Britain will stay a full member, despite and against the wishes of the majority of the English public opinion.   
 The document, sickeningly titled "The Jewish 2014 EU Manifesto", also espouses use of the EU to enforce tolerance and defend against 'extremism', i.e the use of the EU to protect and guarantee Jewish power, whilst silencing and punishing those who go against Jewish methodologies. All the while Nick Griffin has been comparatively complacent within the EU, failing everything and everyone who worked foolishly for his election to the ultimate political whoring grounds: the Brussels to Luxembourg red-light district. 
 A Jewish political prostitute, Nick Griffin has neither honour nor principle.
What does financially supporting Nick Griffin get you?
An empy wallet, disillusionment and perpetuating the defilement of European nationalism.
What has the BNP cost our nation? -If we do not re-take lost ground, the BNP will have lost our nation its very future.
 Soon our folk will rise and the BNP will no longer be able to betray them as the BNP is sliding into irrelevance our folk are undergoing an unstoppable Nationalist, Asatru awakening against non-Europeans and their influence.

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Nick Griffin has been in position for too long. Someone who is new and more dynamic is needed to get a positive message out and attract new members. I used to support NG but he is the reason why I have not rejoined in the past few years.

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