Monday, 24 March 2014

Facebook Is At It Again!

I woke up this morning, got my coffee, and turned on the PC. Now dear reader, you have to understand, admins on the pages of Facebook regularly set up groups for the admins of said pages, as we had done on American White History Month. This allows the admins of that page to communicate with each other, and normally these groups are set as secret, meaning if you are not a member of the group, you will not see notifications from the group, and cannot find said group by doing a search. Anyway, when I woke up this morning, four such groups were gone. Facebook has taken it upon themselves to deny us a means of communicating our thoughts and questions. They do this to any group or page that contains the word “WHITE” and my question is this, why are white pages and only white related pages continually attacked by trolls, reported on and bans placed on the entire admin team? We have had people report the black pages, where they openly call for the killing of all white people, and the same with Muslim pages, and yet nothing is done. We have been banned for using the word BLACK, MUSLIM,  as well as posting WHITE PRIDE. We as white people are not allowed to express pride in our heritage, yet you can find BLACK PRIDE, HISPANIC PRIDE, ASIAN PRIDE,  and even going so far as GAY PRIDE. Try it yourself dear reader, find a BLACK page, and report it, then wait for the report from Facebook.
We as WHITE people are tired of this double standard, it is time for an open discussion on race issues on Facebook. We are denied our God given right to free speech by Facebook.
Rev JC



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