Monday, 10 March 2014

Allow Rev. Matt HALE to take a lie detector

Since January 8, 2003, Rev. Matthew F. Hale is in Federal custody, most of the time in solitary confinment at the ADMAX federal penitentiary of Florence, Colorado (the “Alcatraz of the Rocky Mountains”). He was sentenced to 40 years in jail on the 8th of April, 2005 for allegedly solliciting an undercover FBI informant to kill federal judge Joan Lefkow, a deed he’s always denying since over 11 years.
There would be one way for him to prove his innocence and be at last allowed to get a fair trial. Here’s what Evelyn Hutchinson has to say about this matter :
“I am Matthew F. Hale's mother. Shortly after Matt's arrest, he asked to be allowed to take a polygraph (lie detector test) to prove his innocence. He knew that this test would prove that he wasn't guilty of any crime, his request was denied. David Bindi, the prosecutor that took over for David Weisman, the man that prosecuted Matt, has refused to allow anyone to administer any test to Matt. Allowing Matt to take a lie detector test and passing it (and he will pass it), will be a first step to his freedom after spending 10 years of a 40-year sentence in solitary confinement."
So, please allow Rev. Matthew F. Hale to take this lie test and prove he never intended to have any harm done to Judge Joan Lefkow.

Pétition adressée à :
David BINDI, Illinois State Prosecutor, US Attorneys Office - Chicago, USA
Allow Rev. Matt HALE to take a lie detector


Given the feds rely on polygraphs to vett their new hires, etc. (CIA, et al.) And as a tool conducting internal investigations; emall wonder he's denied this tool for self defense.

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