Tuesday, 11 March 2014

80 000 Africans ready to flood into Spain and Europe

Around 80,000 African (Black and Moroccan) illegal immigrants are moving en masse to two of Spain’s cities that lie on the continent of Africa, which is an attempt to gain access to not only Spain, but also all of Europe.

The Spanish interior minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, said Ceuta and Melilla, the two cities, continues to face massive illegal immigration from Africa, and is a major crisis for Spain, and greater Europe, requiring it to be handled “in cooperation with the European Union.
Mr Diaz is unaware that the EU does not want Europe to remain full of White people, and non-White immigrants, legal or illegal, are necessary to the genocide by forced assimilation of White people.
Mr. Díaz said “There are 40,000 people in Morocco who are waiting to cross illegally into Spain, and 40,000 more at the border between Mauritania and Morocco.
A union of the Spanish police said that Spain faces an invasion; in one day alone, officers prevented up to 1,500 illegal immigrants from storming the fences around Ceuta.
Spanish territory in Africa is one of the major choke-points for illegal immigrants to enter into Europe, and the border-guards there are underfunded and understaffed, despite the Spanish government calling on the EU to send money.
At a European Union meeting, Mr Diaz asked Spain’s partners to give them 45 million euros ($62 million), so Spain can reinforce its border security.
All and ONLY White countries must have opened borders – according to anti-Whites. Millions of non-Whites are expected or demanded to be allowed to flood into White countries, and to oppose that is “racist-and-hateful”.
Millions of non-Whites are needed to flood into every White country so White people can be turned into a minority in countries that we were previously a majority.
Using the United Nations Genocide Conventions, as the definition of genocide: trying to turn a White country non-White for whatever reason, and with any method – violent or non-violent – is genocide, White genocide.


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