Wednesday, 5 February 2014

White genocide in California! Mixed race are 39% while White people 38.8%

In Governor Brown’s 2013-14 report, it was originally predicted that mixed race Latinos (mixed race) would be the majority of California, overtaking White people at the start of the year, however, this year’s state budget report now it’s predicted this will happen in March, 2014.

According to the report, in March the Latino population is predicted to surpass the White population by 76,400 people, which would make them the “majority minority” at 39% of California’s population, whereas White people will make 38.8% of the population.
In addition, Asians are expected to rise from 13% to a higher percentage, but the report believes this is because of immigration rather than birth-rates.
The past demographic report for 2011-12, found that White people made 40% of California’s population, and Hispanics made 39%, and 25 years ago whites made 57% of California’s population, and Latinos made 26%.
The original report predicted the Latino birth-rate to be higher than it turned out to be, causing it to predict a Latino majority a few months earlier.
A Latino majority will result in strong political changes to California, as White sell-outs are no longer needed, and Latinos demand their own leaders over the next 15 years.
Mindy Romero, director of the California Civic Engagement Project said “Demographic changes that are coming will reshape the electorate. In turn that will likely have impacts on policies and issues that decision makers focus on in the coming decades.
Bruce Mirken, spokesman for the “Greenling institute”, which is a group that advocates for non-White communities, said that the government and private sector should adapt to these predictions.
It’s less about one group being a couple tenths more of the population than another group, but more about a continuing trend for California being a majority-minority state [...] Everything that government does, that private industry does, needs to react to that reality.
White anti-Whites are by far the ones that have enabled White genocide to go so far. As previously all-White areas where they live in become non-White, they will turn over to our side and perhaps they will realize their part in White genocide.
The majority of Whites have been anti-White for the last century because White people felt guilty for colonialism. White colonialism was used as an excuse to allow millions of non-Whites to pour into White countries, but as White people are made a minority in our own countries, the political face of White countries will change
As Whites become a minority, the majority of White people will become pro-White, because the excuses of anti-Whites become more and more ludicrous to the common man.


There's atztlan, the Appalachian redoubt, new africa in the south...can you name more areas of the former United States.

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Hispanic is not a race. It's an ethnic/cultural background. In fact people with hispanic ancestry can be white, black, asian, native american, mixed race and others.

im not born in europe but i love white race faith and family

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