Wednesday, 12 February 2014

VIDEO: Norwegian ad takes on anti-gay law

The advert, "Airport Love", for sportswear clothing company XXL shows a beautiful woman sashaying through an airport provoking wilder and wilder displays of sporting performance from male athletes desperate to win her attention. 
Among the athletes as top Norwegian footballer Anders Solum,  the slalom skier Edvard Strand (alpine), and Sune Wentzel, a frisbee player.
It ends with the words "Whatever team you play for", after revealing why it is that the woman is so oblivious to her suitors' displays of talent and skill. 
"The film's message is that sport is for everyone, no matter what team you play for," the company said on the YouTube video. "The premiere of the film at the same time as the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi." 
The film was made by Oslo's Schjærven agency, and shot at LLeida airport in Spain. 
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