Saturday, 1 February 2014

UK:Somali women protest against adoption decision by Harrow Borough Council

More than 50 women from the Somali community took to the streets outside Harrow Civic Centre to protest against an adoption decision they say goes against their religious beliefs.

The women gathered outside Harrow Borough Council's offices in Station Road as the child put up for adoption was due to go to its new family today.
According to the group, the child was due to be adopted by a lesbian couple, which protesters say is against their religious beliefs.
They say the mother and child’s religious beliefs and ethnicity have been ignored by placing the child in the home of the couple.
Protesters say the toddler was taken into care by social services just over a year and a half ago due to the mother's health issues and was put up for adoption in last year.
They are calling for the council to delay the adoption to reconsider the move.
A Harrow Council spokesman said: “Adoption decisions are taken after lengthy and extremely thorough consideration of what is in the child’s best interests and we always strive to identify the best parents possible, and ensure a child is placed as early in life as possible. These are always difficult decisions.
“We have met Somali community representatives in this case and are happy to talk through their concerns.
“In addition the Somali community has offered to work with us on raising the profile of fostering and adoption in their community.”


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