Monday, 24 February 2014

Pakistanis Gang Rape 50 Year Old Woman In Greece!

50 year old Woman Gang Raped by Pakistanis, Dendias and Media Silent!

A Group of 5 Pakistanis have been going around western Attica breaking into private homes.

Two of the Five, aged 17 and 24 have been caught. In broad daylight they broke into a womans home, raided the house, and raped her. Prior to this the same group was respondible for a string of burglaries. Media coverage of this completely new phenomenon in Greece, unheard of in the past still remains nonexistent.

Dendias, “Minister of Public Order” has also not made any comments regarding the case. Despite the arrests 3 days ago and more of the perpetrators at large, feels it not necessary to make statements to warn Greek citizens.

Naturally, the media both within Greece and internationally refuses to show cover such stories which are a shock to the Greek society. It is not in their best interest and yet with no evidence instead choose to fabricate stories of Golden Dawn being a “Criminal Organization”.
The only mention of the string of robberies have come directly from police records.

The Pakistani rapists and thieves are the symptom of policy from the real criminals that betray Greece: The coalition of the memorandum and its allies!


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