Sunday, 16 February 2014

'No way' Australian immigration campaign sparks outrage on Twitter

An immigration campaign from the Australian government has been blasted on Twitter An immigration campaign from the Australian government has been blasted on Twitter [AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT]
On the country's updated Department of Immigration site a slogan saying 'No Way. They will not make Australia home' features prominently.

Alongside is a picture of a boat presumably transporting asylum seekers, a symbol showing a cross through the map of Australia and the words 'no way' in capitals.

Human rights activists have criticised the campaign as being 'distasteful' and 'embarrassing' to Australia.
People have also taken to social networking site Twitter to blast the 'no way' immigration website.

Sophie Rigney tweeted: "Awful. New immigration site entitled 'No way. They will not make Australia home' … Australia, this is our government."

Ngaire Watson posted: "Aust Dept Immigration has posted this slogan on their website. It's a bleak day now racism and bigotry rule Australia".

User Matt Darvas wrote: "Is this the #Australia we want our kids to look back and see?"

The website page also said that people who travel to Australia without a visa will be transported for "processing" in Nauru or Papua New Guinea.
 Last year an 18 page cartoon was published targeted at asylum seekers [AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT]
It said that people could be in the countries for a "long time" while their claim is being assessed.

Human rights advocate Jarrod McKenna told the Sydney Morning Herald that the latest immigration campaign from the Australian government was "horrific".

He said: "Instead of saying 'no way' we must provide 'safe ways' for people to seek asylum without risking their lives or being imprisoned for trying. Compassion must make a way."

Late last year the Australian immigration department also released an 18 page cartoon which warned asylum seekers of coming to the country.

It showed an Afghan man being attacked by mosquitoes in a detention camp and was published in a variety of languages.


Well done! No more invaders. If only all 'homeland' nations had the balls say "no way" the world would be a better place.

Australia is a White Country
The only two things that Exist
Are Yahwah and His Eloheem

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