Monday, 3 February 2014

Mother of three becomes Britain's first person to die from smoking pot

A young mother of three died after she was poisoned by the cannabis she smoked to help her get to sleep.

Gemma Moss, 31, was killed by the level of the drug in her blood, an inquest heard.
The regular churchgoer, who was found dead in her bedroom, is thought to be the first woman in Britain known to have died directly from cannabis poisoning.
Her death was caused by cannabis toxicity, and a coroner recorded a verdict of death by cannabis abuse.
The inquest was told that Miss Moss smoked half a joint a night to help her sleep.
The devout Christian had  been a frequent user but stopped for two years before her death last October.
Her family say she started using the drug again to help her sleep after becoming depressed when she split up with her boyfriend.
A female friend told police Miss Moss smoked as much as £60 worth of the drug a week, although her family disputed this.
On the night of October 28  last year Miss Moss, who had two sons, Tyler, 15, and Tessiah, eight, and a daughter who lives abroad, went to bed after rolling a joint.
She was found the following morning by Tyler’s girlfriend who called an ambulance to the flat in Bournemouth.

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