Saturday, 8 February 2014

Ireland: Pro-White Anti-Jew Slogans Painted on Dublin Immigrant Council Hoardings

Let’s hope lots of people saw it before it was taken down.

The daubing of anti-immigrant graffiti in Dublin’s city centre has been described as “completely unacceptable.”
The slogan was painted on a hoarding opposite the offices of the Immigrant Council of Ireland on Andrew Street overnight and was one of two pieces of graffiti painted in the area.
Around the corner at the Bank of Ireland on College Green, a separate anti-semetic slogan was painted. Communications manager for the council Jerry O’Connor told that the graffiti was removed within an hour of a complaint being made.
He added that graffiti is an ongoing problem for minority communities in Ireland.
“After verbal abuse, graffiti is the most common form of racism in Ireland.

The council windows have had their windows postered with similar messages before, yet Jerry O’Connor still seems to think ’it is not representative of Irish peoples’ attitudes.’

“Last night, we were all warned to stay indoors, so the fact that someone was so small minded to go out in that weather, stand under a crane and do this defies belief.”
O’Connor says he can’t say for certain that the council’s offices were the target, they have had their windows postered with hateful messages. He added that the attitude expressed is not representative of Irish peoples’ attitudes.
“It’s important to keep in mind that the graffiti was reported by an Irish person.
“The vast majority of Irish people are appalled by this.”
O’Connor said that 68 per cent of incidents reported to the Immigrant Council lead to convictions.



Completely Acceptable
I Agree
The coming of the Jew Heralds the arrival of Death Misery and Destruction
The Jews have been expelled from every Country in Europe
Over 200
Some more than once
They are a Parasitic Cancer
They have served their purpose and now it is time to gather the Tares
Into bundles to be burnt
The stalk has grown the Fruit of Yahwah and now it is Chaff
These are the End Times
The End of an Age
The Age of Perfection

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