Saturday, 15 February 2014

Dresden 2014 - jews are winning again.

Around 15,000 people attended the event marking the 69th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden on February 13th and 14th 1945, with 11,000 forming a human chain to prevent neo-Nazi demonstrators from turning up.

A rally organized by the far-right, which has hijacked the event in the past for ideological reasons, was unexpectedly cancelled on the eve of the memorial.

However, neo-Nazis were able to march through Dresden's old town with torches on Wednesday, with citizens protesting against the move, police said.
CLICK HERE for photos of the Dresden human chain

Saxony State Premier Stanislaw Tillich, who joined the human chain, said the state was "no place for right-wing extremists".
The attempt by the right-wing to exploit the memory of the 25,000 people who died in the bombings was "shabby and intolerable", he added.

Remember Dresden!


Who was exploiting the Memory of the 25000 (?) Murdered?
It was much more than this
Notice how Wikipedia always appears first
A bit like the Audio Bible where the New International Version (Corrupted by Who) always comes up First
Churchill was a Jew on His Mothers side
Bomber Harris (Sir)?
Poor Israel
The Victim

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