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Massacre of Verden - 4500 pagans killed by judeo-christianity

The Massacre of Verden, or the Bloody Verdict of Verden, was a massacre of Saxons in 782 near the present town of Verden in Lower Saxony, Germany, ordered by Charlemagne during the Saxon Wars.

In 782 A.D. some 4,500 Saxon leaders are said to have been beheaded for practicing their indigenous Germanic paganism, having officially, albeit under duress, converted to Christianity and undergone baptism. The river Aller was said to have been flowing red with their blood. Charlemagne's motives were to demonstrate his overlordship and the severity of punishment for rebellion.

The effect was that the Saxons lost virtually their entire tribal leadership and were henceforth largely governed by Frankish counts installed by Charlemagne. The Saxon leader, Duke Widukind, had escaped to his in-laws in Denmark, but soon returned. In 785 he, along with his people, was forced to convert to Christianity by Charlemagne.

On the issue of beheading the historian Ramsay MacMullen notes that in 681 a council of bishops at Toledo called on civil authorities to seize and behead all those guilty of non-Christian practices of whatever sort. These massacres were common on both sides throughout the Christianization of Europe, with similar events involving pagan Saxons, Germans and Celts and Christians documented in Britain and Ireland.

The controversy over the massacre was linked to disputes among German nationalists about the image of Charlemagne. Some Germans saw the victims of the massacre as heroic defenders of Germany's traditional beliefs, resisting the "foreign" religion of Christianity. Wilhelm Teudt mentions the site of the massacre in his 1929 book Germanische Heiligtümer ('Germanic Shrines'). Some Christian nationalists linked Charlemagne with the humiliation of French domination after World War I, especially the occupation of the Rhineland.
Hermann Gauch, Heinrich Himmler's adjutant for culture, took the view that Charlemagne (known in German as Karl der Große 'Karl the Great') should be officially renamed "Karl the Slaughterer" because of the massacre. He advocated a memorial to the victims. Alfred Rosenberg also stated that the Saxon leader Widukind, not Karl, should be called "the Great". During the Third Reich the massacre became a major topic of debate. In 1934, two plays about Widukind were performed. The first, Der Sieger (The Victor) by Friedrich Forster, portrayed Charlemagne as brutal but his goal, Christianization of the pagan Saxons, as necessary. Reception was mixed. The second, Wittekind, by Edmund Kiß, was more controversial for its criticism of Christianization. The play saw various disturbances during its run.
In 1935, landscape architect Wilhelm Hübotter was commissioned to build the Sachsenhain (German 'Grove of the Saxons') in Verden, a monument to commemorate the massacre consisting of 4,500 large stones. The monument was used as both a memorial to the event and as a meeting place for the Schutzstaffel. The memorial was inscribed to "Baptism-Resistant Germans Massacred by Karl, the Slaughterer of the Saxons". In the same year the annual celebration of Charlemagne in Aachen, where he is buried, was cancelled and replaced by a lecture on "Karl the Great, Saxon Butcher." However, attacks on the legacy of Charlemagne were ended after Charlemagne was officially rehabilitated as a "German hero" under the Third Reich

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The northern north like Norway and the like, seem to me to be Christianized by terror. The very same sort of terror at the same time in the 700s the Muslims were using to Islamasize great stretches of the Mediterranean coast. Actually the terror here was Christian terror used by Charlemagne to tame the Saxons and also terrorize their northern cousins.
In 782 Charlemagne was pissed at the Saxons so he baptized 4,500 men and then cut off their heads at Verden. Sounds positively Islamic.

Rodney Stark, who has written a boatload of books on the idea that ‘Christianity is good’ (relatively speaking) has another recent book out titled ‘How the West Won.’(2014) Regarding pre-Christian Europe, especially northern Europe, nowadays few people discuss the beheading of the 4500 Saxons in 782 at Verden in the name of the Prince of Peace. In today’s demographics that is 180,000 hairy dudes. That is a lot of men, who, contrary to our time, were very valuable as a resource in those days. A few years ago I had never heard of Verden and usually understood the success of Christianity as due to its greater guilt generating activities creating more cooperation.

In this view (just a suggestion in the book) Christianity was imposed in the most brutal fashion on the people of the North, it was a religion they did not want, it was not the doctrine that attracted them, it was the simple idea of living another day that forced them to pay lip service to Jesus. It was a forcible conversion of fear for the people of the North, not a conversion of belief. On p. 97 Stark discusses the idea that the Vikings, a hundred years later, targeted British Monasteries and Monks, not necessarily because they were defenseless but “because they were angry about efforts to Christianize the North. Especially provocative would have been the atrocities committed by Charlemagne, who, for example, had about 4,500 unarmed Saxon captives forcibly baptized and then executed. The Vikings seem to have known that Charlemagne had issued an edict imposing the death sentence on all who tried to resist Christianization.”

Stark cites a 2009 book by Robert Ferguson for this idea about the Vikings attacking religious centers in England as a sort of revenge, ‘The Vikings, a History,’ p 54.

So you could look at the Christianization of the North as a forced conversion of terror.

Stark has written other books on the Christianization of the Roman Empire emphasizing Christianity’s emphasis on the the respect for women and the coming together to help the sick and poor, two things Paganism, which was more Darwinist, ignored. But here he acknowledges Christianity was not always the religion of peace.

At the same time as the Saxon beheadings, Charlemagne, again in the name of the price of peace sent every third Saxon family south to live and be Christianized. Ethnically cleansed and beheaded the Saxons converted. Perhaps they learned their lessons too well, nowadays maybe they love too much.

Mass beheadings and ethnic cleansing, two ideas you will not hear discussed much from the pulpit on Sunday mornings.

Might make right, and, Christianity already proven itself to be most useful religion for success.

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