Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hungary apologizes at UN for role in Holocaust, says ambassador

Hungary has for the first time in the United Nations taken responsibility for the role it played during the Holocaust, and apologised, Hungary’s UN ambassador Csaba Korosi said on Thursday local time.
“In this form and on behalf of the Hungarian state, nobody had ever expressed in the UN the responsibility of the Hungarian state for [its role in] the Holocaust,” Korosi told MTI.
Korosi said he’d express Hungary’s responsibility in connection with the Holocaust twice on Thursday.

The first apology was expressed at a presser in the morning organised by the UN Office and the Hungarian representative to mark the 70th anniversary of the Jewish and Roma Holocaust. He said he would repeat the apology later in the day at the opening of an exhibition organised by civil organisations, the Carl Lutz Foundation, the Tom Lantos Foundation, the American Hungarian Coalition and the Hungary Initiatives Foundation with the involvement of the Hungarian mission operating next to the world organisation.
“We owe an apology to the victims because the Hungarian state was guilty for the Holocaust. Firstly because it failed to protect its citizens from destruction and secondly because it helped and provided financial resources to the mass murder” Korosi told the press conference in the UN headquarters in New York at the opening event of a series dedicated to the Holocaust.
“Hungarian state institutions at the time [shared responsibility] for the Holocaust. This apology today by the Hungarian state must become part of national memory and identity,” he added in his speech. He also outlined the planned Holocaust memorial events in Hungary during the 2014 memorial year, highlighting rescuers and child victims.


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