Sunday, 12 January 2014

Banner Drive to Combat White Genocide

The white race is facing genocide through mass immigration and forced assimilation, discrimination based upon the color of our skin (affirmative action), wealth redistribution to illegal aliens and "minorities", endless violence against white people by non-whites, race mixing propaganda, and the mental attacks against our very existence (eg, "white privilege" and "white guilt"). This is happening in all white countries and only in white countries.

If you check the UN definition of Genocide, you will see that what is taking place before our very eyes is in fact WHITE GENOCIDE, and it is our duty to stop it.

Raising Awareness

The funds raised through this campaign will be used to purchase (at cost) at least 70 large banners to be displayed all across the United States, and perhaps across the world. We want people to use these banners only in legal ways, so that we keep our people and our new banners out of police custody, so they can be used again!

These banners will spread our message to the public at large in the most effective way possible. This "diversity" agenda is being directed at white countries (and only at white countries) with various programs that ensure that there are less white people at schools and in the work force, which is unfair and discriminatory, taking away money and opportunities from the indigenous white people. President Bill Clinton once remarked, "America's diversity is our greatest strength,” even though all evidence points to the contrary, as "diverse" communities almost always become very unsafe and crime-ridden.As much as the anti-white destroyers talk about "diversity", they are actually seeking to destroy real diversity by mixing everyone together. The white race is the most diverse people on the planet, having: blonde, red, brown, and black hair, which is curly, wavy, and straight; blue, green, grey, hazel, and brown eyes; all sorts of skin types, like freckles; and many different languages, philosophies, and traditions. We do NOT need the third world pouring into our countries to experience real diversity, since it already naturally exists within our lands. That is why their form of diversity is put into "quotes".

"Diversity" is a codeword for White Genocide.

White Man March

On March 15, 2014, White people around the world will be taking to the streets in various ways to express love for their race and opposition to the genocidal programs of our puppet governments. On this day, our banners will be unfurled simultaneously in many different locations, which will also coincide with other demonstrations. The pictures and videos taken from these events will be assembled into compilation videos that highlight our struggle.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute, please help by spreading the word about our campaign. You can share this campaign through social media to get your friends interested. Also, you should think about organizing your own local events. Just be sure to send your media to us at White Man March!
If you would like to learn more, please visit


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