Friday, 24 January 2014

23% of Swedish Women Will be Raped by Nonwhite Immigrants

If you do not wish to hand over the most beautiful women in the world to be brutally raped by subhumans from Africa, you are a bad person.
If you do not wish to hand over the most beautiful women in the world to be brutally raped by subhumans from Africa, you are a bad person.
As Sweden continues to suffer under the savage brutality of cultural enrichment, at least five women are now raped every day in Stockholm alone, and this number is increasing.
Between 2004 and 2012, Sweden’s population, officially, went from 9 million to 9.5 million, mainly due to immigration from Muslim countries.  And they just keep on coming.
Rape is one of the key ways through which Muslims enrich European culture is through violent rape of local women.  Sweden now has the highest rape rate in Europe, and the second highest in the world, next to Lesotho, a small country in South Africa.
Here are the official UN numbers:
1. Lesotho: 91.6
2. Sweden: 53.2
3. USA: 28.6
4. Zimbabwe: 25.6
5. Norway: 19.8
6. Israel: 17.6
Based on these numbers (which do not even take into account unreported rapes), it is estimated that 23% of all Swedish women will be raped at some point in their lives.
All of Europe honors Scandinavia as the land of the most beautiful of White European women, and the fact that Swedish men continue to allow this to be done to their women is deeply sickening.
In between rapes, immigrants enjoy setting things on fire.
In between rapes, immigrants enjoy setting things on fire and taking pictures of their work with taxpayer paid-for smart phones.
Sweden, as a nation, would literally rather lay down and die than be viewed as politically incorrect.  They will give their women and children as human sacrifices, simply to not be called racist.  It is important to look at this situation, and understand that if we do not resist, these animals, brought to our nations by the Jews, will literally take everything we have, and still want more.
Niceness does not work.

Source Daily Stormer


Where is this gutless in the pocket bought and paid for Swedish Government?
Where are these low Life?
Come out and show Yourselves
It is hard to show something that contains no substance
How many of them are pedophiles child molesters homosexuals
Easily controlled?
They are complicit in this obvious planned orchestrated and designed destruction at the hands of the Zionist Jews
The Swedish Israelite Nation
They are Traitors and are guilty of Treason and Sedition
Against the People they were elected to protect
They have left them completely defence less and vulnerable
At the hands of these hideous Beasts
These useful idiots should be trodden off to the Gallows
Stopping not for "One for the Road"
They are ilk lower than a vipers belly in a wheel rut
They will be eradicated
It has been written
I say verily to You

Does anybody know the name of the beautiful woman in the top of this article? Is she a common swedish girl or a model? I don't remember seeing such a gorgeous girl.
Yeah I know, this has nothing to do with the topic of discussion but I'm stunned by her beauty.

I would agree with you that she is truly beautiful.Ever find out who she is?

Her name is Anna and she is a model, many pictures of her taken by,Mike Slagter are available on the photo sharing website Flickr.

it is not just in Sweden that Swedish Nordic blonde Aryan women have to be protected but also abroad in London many have fallen into MISCEGENATION with black African men like many white eastern European women who have come to London !!! 5,000 Polish women in Britain in 2014 had black men's babies in Britain although of course white British women in Britain are by far the biggest vigorous MISCEGENATORS with black men !!! black men and black teenage boys in London also practice wide spread racist rape and gang rape of white women and white teenage girls in very large numbers as a sport, hobby or job !!! 1 young Swedish woman in London who was a liberal student in diverse multi-racial multi-cultural London made the mistake of talking to a group of black young men at a bus stop in east London and allowing herself to be ( chatted up ) !!! after she was marched off to a quite area robbed stripped naked and gang raped by all of the group of black young men lets all hope she is a more educated student !!!

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