Friday, 13 December 2013

USA: Petition to End Black-on-White Violent Crime


Firstly, sorry for the boilerplate, I usually like to write to everyone individually, but I'm a little pressed for time and am trying to reach as many folks as possible.

I'm writing to ask for your help in promoting the petition to have the Obama administration formally address the issue of black-on-white interracial violent crime. You can view it (and hopefully sign it) here:

Many of you know me, but for those who don't, my name is Russell James; on most forums I go by "Taliesen." I administer the well trafficked Twitter account, Nationalism Today; I keep a sporadic blog, The Foremost Problem; I'm the main archivist of The Colchester Collection; and I've been active in the New England WN scene with North East White Pride.

I'd appreciate it if you could write and/or talk about it on your websites, blogs, radio shows, or magazines; and if you could link to it or otherwise promote it from your media outlets.

I'm also available for interviews, you can reach me about scheduling one or if you have any other questions at this email address or by calling me at (207) 255-3250.

Thank you for your support.


Russell A. James

P.S. Here's the full (800 character) text of the petition:

Whereas, according to FBI statistics, more than two million white Americans are victimized by black perpetrators annually;
Whereas the majority of the victims of interracial violent crimes are white;
Whereas federal policies are a major factor in the current rates of black-on-white violence;
Whereas President Barack Obama is the head of the federal government, and;
Whereas he has addressed the issue of interracial violence when he perceived that a black person (Trayvon Martin) was the victim of said violence;
Therefore be it resolved that President Barack Obama shall make the termination of black-on-white interracial violent crime a national priority and shall formally address the issue during his upcoming 2014 State of the Union Address to be delivered to a joint session of Congress.


Of course the Jews are the Puppet Masters
Lurking in the Back Drops
Like they have been doing for Centuries
Orchestrating Crime against the White Israelites
Witness's to the fact that they are not

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