Monday, 2 December 2013


UKIP are pro-Pakistani, anti-Polish; pro-Gypsie, anti-Greek; pro-Israeli, anti-Irish, pro-Wahabi, anti-Welsh, pro-Somali, anti-Scots, pro-Eritrean, anti-English. They are the worst kind of controlled opposition. They have the ideological sophistication of the stupidest Sun reader - the 'wogs' start at Calais mentality. As the above video illustrates, the UKIP idiots (led by the Jewish Farage) would love to get the UK out of the EU, but have no problem with having the UK filled with Africans and Asians. They are multi-cultists to the full and use the rhetoric of the EDL and Gri££inite BNP to push the lie that they give a rats arse about our people. At least the likes of the ADL, AFA, ANL et al are open about their hatred of our people; the UKIP liars pretend they are our allies. Do not trust these fools; they are a cancer in British politics and need to be cut out immediately.

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