Monday, 23 December 2013

Support our comrades !

We have made the t-shirt you can see attached to support economically the French comrades Esteban M. and Samuel D.

For those that do not know about the case, last June these comrades were in shop in Paris and they were menaced and insulted by an antifascist group. The security guard expelled the antifascist to the street and told the comrades to stay some time in the shop to avoid problems. Half an hour later the comrades went to the street in direction to the underground. The antifascist group was waiting near it and attacked the group of comrades. A fight started with the result of one young antifascist died as a result of the punches received in the face. This antifascist called Clement Meric was recovering after receiving treatment for his leukemia disease.
Now this two comrades face a possible condemn of 10-15 years, because they are accused of "participating voluntarily in a fight with the result of a death without intention of causing it".  As you can image, the cost of the legal defense will be high, and this is why we are trying to get some funds to help their families with the payment of the legal expenses.

We need some help to promote it outside Spain, so we will be very grateful if you can post it in your blog / websites /social media with this text:

* T-shirt to support economically Esteban M. and Samuel D. Model for men and woman. 12 € + P&P

* T-shirt pour soutenir financièrement Esteban M. et Samuel D. Modèles pour hommes et femmes. 12 € + frais de port

* Maglia per sostenere economicamente Esteban M. e Samuel D. Modelli per uomini e donna. 12 € + affrancatura ed imballaggio
For international orders write to / Pour commandes internationales écrire à /  Per gli acquisti internazionali scrivi a:


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