Sunday, 22 December 2013

Monthly Allowance per Refugee in Bulgaria at BGN 1084

The monthly allowance per refugee in Bulgaria stands at BGN 1084, according to Defense Minister

Angel Naydenov. Speaking Friday in Parliament, he declared that the current number of illegal immigrants and refugees in Bulgaria was 11 568, adding that 910 people had been removed from the country. He informed that144 asylum seekers had been granted refugee status and 1717 people had been granted humanitarian status since September. On the basis of this information, Naydenov calculated that the annual allowance of all illegal immigrants and refugees in Bulgaria stood at BGN 134 M, without accommodation costs. He declared that the Defense Ministry had earmarked an additional sum of BGN 8 M to meet needs of refugees. Naydenov insisted that Bulgaria had to seek financial and technical assistance from all other EU Member States. Meanwhile, Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev said that a total of 3180 additional places for accommodating refugees had been opened in 6 months. He admitted that refuges were forced to live in unpleasant conditions but noted that things were improving. Yovchev pointed out that it was difficult to provide enough food per person at the price of BGN 65 per month. The Interior Minister emphasized that there were no more refugees living in tents. He also boasted about a substantial decrease in the number of illegal immigrants, adding that less than 300 people had crossed Bulgaria's border in December, which was less than the rate in December 2012. He said that the Bulgaria would receive a total of USD 3.5 M from United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) to improve living conditions at refugee centers and to provide food supplies.


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