Friday, 6 December 2013

Half of Flemish people consider Islam a threat to their culture, want to live only with Flemings

Almost half of the Flemish people want as little as possible to do with people of foreign origin. That despite the fact that only a minority regularly comes into contact with strangers.

40% thinks Muslims are a threat to our culture

45% just want people of Belgian origin in the district

47% believe that migrants only want social security benefits

Almost half of the Flemish do not want immigrants in their own neighborhood. That's one of the findings of the ‘Flemish Migration and Integration Monitor’, writes ‘De Morgen’.

The research department of the Flemish government asked Flemings between 18 and 85 years old about the composition of their ideal neighbourhood. Forty-five percent said they wanted to live only with persons of Belgian origin in a neighbourhood. Another 38 percent prefer a neighbourhood with "more people of Belgian origin than of foreign origin".


Looks like there are many smart Flemings.

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