Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Far-right BNP wish members a 'White Christmas' in racist looking greetings card

The far-right British National Party’s (BNP) Christmas card has appeared on its website, and features the sinister slogan: “Wishing you a White Christmas”.
Signed from the party’s leader Nick Griffin and the BNP, a photo of a blonde-haired Caucasian girl holding a white box wrapped with a red ribbon appears on the front. The gift is tagged with a heart-shaped BNP logo.
According to the BNP website, recipients include those officially signed up to the party, as well as "various people in the media, bishops and opposition politicians".
Mr Griffin has attempted to change the BNP’s image from an allegedly racist party since he became its leader in 1999.
The BNP had a spike in popularity when Mr Griffin became a Member of the European Parliament in 2011. However this suffered after the party lost its only county council seat in the country in May 2013.
It is unlikely the potentially racist tones of wishing recipients a “White Christmas” are lost on the party and its members, who are urged on the website to "share this viral image".


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