Tuesday, 19 November 2013

War against Christmas is failing in the Netherlands

Radical leftists, most of whom are non-European immigrants, could only muster a small crowd to protest Black Pete at the massive annual Christmas parade in Amsterdam. The crowd of protesters was shockingly low considered the large-scale support they have received from liberal newspapers and the UN Commission on Human Rights.
The majority of the Dutch people are flatly rejecting calls to change their native culture.
The UN Commission of Human Rights is currently chaired by Jamaica. For commissioner, they have chosen far-left race hustler Verene Shepherd. She blames white people, especially the British and the Dutch, for shortcomings of black people in the Caribbean.
She makes a living playing the role of an international Al Sharpton.
The support Black Pete Facebook page now has over 2 million followers. This number is quite substantial, considering that the Netherlands has fewer than 17 million people, and the vast majority of the followers appear to be Dutch citizens.

UN “High Commissioner for Human Rights” makes a living blaming white people for the shortcomings of the black race in the Caribbean. British and Dutch people are her main targets.
Over 2 million Facebook users love Black Pete.


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