Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sharia is fully operational in numerous German cities

“The state seems to capitulate to the power of the Arab clans.” – Die Welt (The 4th largest national newspaper in Germany and one of the biggest news websites in Germany.)

Muslim immigrants in Germany have not assimilated, but have set up parallel societies with their own courts and system of justice. Muslim area are becoming exclusionary “no-go zone” for ethnic Germans. Many openly view themselves, not as immigrants, but as conquering Jihadists. Berlin, Bremen, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia now have sprawling immigrant ghettos were Sharia law is the law of the land.
Rough translation from Die Welt…
“[Muslims] Do not accept the German rule of law. What used to be only in large cities, is now a nationwide problem,” stated the President of the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office, Uwe Kolmey. What particularly outraged him is the “new dimension of violence against the police and judiciary.” In Lower Saxony Rotenburg young Kurds insulted two policemen during a routine inspection and snatched an officers service pistol.
German-Lebanese Mohamad O., a betrayed husband who had shot his rival at a red light, was condemned to life in prison. After the trial the presiding judge and the prosecutor at the District Court of Hildesheim had to be placed under police protection because of death threats. The mother of the convicted man insulted the judge as “Hitler” and said “his children are all going to die.” In Bremen, the presiding judge Klaus-Dieter Schromeck needed police protection during the trial against Kurdish Yazidi. In the morning he had to be driven in a police escort to the court.
Arbiters of organized crime
Key figures in this parallel justice system arbiters, which are offenses to pacify conflicts between perpetrator and victim family. This role is performed older authority figures, heads of families, Imams or bosses of organized crime.
A new publication by the Berlin State Office of Criminal Investigation describes the danger that threatens the rule of law by them: to be “By their action,” “institutions such as the police and judiciary consciously undermined, bypassed and disabled”. After the fire is extinguished by acts of violence, they reject “any more police work,”  ”witnesses and victims have no more information”, or “revoke … information or trivialize the offense.”
Be potentiated the negative impact of settlements on the enforcement by the threat or use of force on the victim and witnesses. Know all the consequences of detectives, prosecutors and judges in regions where mainly Mhallami-Kurds from Anatolia settled: intimidated victims and witnesses. This ethnic group stands out with a particularly high crime rate. Examples from the German judicial everyday there is enough.
It is to be spoken a fair judgment
50 witnesses had finally loaded to process the traffic lights murder Hildesheim court. At the trial itself suddenly could not remember most or weakened incriminating statements to the police on. “Throughout the process, the family of the defendant has taken effect, so that we can speak not just verdict,” said the president of the court later, Ralph Guise turnip.
In a mammoth lawsuit against two Kurdish drug rings with ten defendants, the district court Stade has moved in July 2012, after nearly two years of negotiation for security to Celle. Reason: In the 109 The trial, the prosecutor of the members of the clans F. and S. from the audience was so massively insulted that she had to leave through a back door of the courtroom, accompanied by bodyguards. Here some viewers moreover aggressive drumming against the glass partition between the court and the public. The representative of the prosecution is under police protection for several months.
With baseball bats and Kuhfüßen contributed two wings of the Kurdish extended family K. from a dispute over the payment of undeclared work in Wiesbaden and land in Turkey. The over months rotating spiral of violence resulted in three criminal cases. After an incriminating statement to the court K. Özkan was followed by his wife and child during a wild car chase through the city of warring clan members and attacked at a traffic light with a Geißfuß.
Severe impairment of the right to peace
For the Judge Elke Trzebiner this vigilante was a “severe impairment of legal peace”. As K. Özkan wondered in a second process that he must testify as a witness, because you have yet agreed to use a clan elders to Attorney Wolf Jördens excited: “We will not tolerate its own jurisdiction.”
To agents of vigilante attacks by findings Berlin investigators now and again the criminal part of the Palestinian clans Abou-Chaker – known nationwide by close business ties the second-oldest brother Arafat with rapper Bushido, “brothers in spirit” (“Time”). The unloaded Arafat is the CEO of his record label. And both have given each other for common real estate transactions general powers beyond death.
A dubious affair. For the hard core of Abou-Chakers – six brothers – Berlin holds OK investigators for years in breathing: drug and human trafficking, pimping, extortion and money laundering. Even the spectacular robbery of nearly a quarter million Euros in a poker tournament at the Potsdamer Platz in the spring of 2010 goes to the account of the clan. Brother Mohammed was mastermind by findings of the Court and tipsters.



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