Wednesday, 27 November 2013

KKK carved trees

Officials at Warren Wilson College want to know who's carving their trees with hate.

A second tree was found this past Sunday with the letters KKK carved into the bark. The first tree was discovered a little over a week ago. Both trees are outside the Gladfelter Student Center. Students and faculty gathered last week to cover up the trees and hold a candle light vigil to raise awareness about the hatred connected to the KKK symbol. School officials have called it a hate crime and are now offering a reward to catch who's responsible. Students feel upset about the KKK message at the small liberal arts college. Many we spoke with feel it's almost certainly a student since it's happened a second time. One student said, "it not only hurts me as an African American but it's also hurting everyone else."


What are Niggers doing in White Schools anyway?
Don't forget who started all this
That Race mixing Jew President Kennedy
Who was an Alien and who should never have been President
Ruling over Israelites
Never allow an Alien to Rule over you
Anyone who is not Adamite is an Alien
The Adamite Race is the only Race that Blushs
Posse Comitatus
It is not a case of being Racist
It is a case of being Israelite and vibrating in resonance at the same frequency with Yahweh and his Laws
Upon which America was founded
But upon which now has become Reprobate and Apostate

And who swore an Oath of Office and Allegiance to uphold the Constitution of the USA
But in who his own defence cited that the Constitution was an Old Historic Document and not Relevant nor Important
An Old Communist Ploy
A Hypocrite and a Liar
Kennedy's eternal Flame is an insult to the Creator Yahweh
And needs to be extinguished
Like the Memory of Kennedy
A Traitor and False Prophet

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