Monday, 4 November 2013

Incredible New Anti-Rape Underwear That You Might Actually Want to Wear

arwearwIf you were getting sick of funding Zosia Mamet’s new record, transferring cash into Amanda Palmer’s bank account, or supporting your ex’s lame art installation on Kickstarter, there’s a new crowdsourcing project you will have no qualms helping fund. AR Wear is introducing the first sleek-fitting and wearable anti-rape underwear, which they’re launching with an Indiegogo campaign.
Sewn with webbing and durable materials that are not able to be ripped or cut, the garments also feature thigh and waist locks, making these anti-rape underwear literally indestructible. They are uniquely designed to prevent strangers from pulling them down, while the wearer can comfortably remove them. Women going on first dates, clubbing, or even a late-night run need not have the horror of a possible attack in the back of her mind.
Many have tried rape prevention clothing before, with blade-filled female condoms, electrifying underwear, hairy stockings, and spoofing Victoria’s Secret campaigns. What separates AR Wear is the fact that they’re actually kind of cute, looking as innocuous and fashionable as activewear you’d see at over-priced yoga mom emporium Lululemon.
This isn’t about shaming a woman about what she wears, where she goes at night, or who she’s with; AR Wear centers itself around being proactive in a sad world where rape is still very much a part of women’s reality. If an item of clothing can make a woman more powerful, safe, and confident as she goes out at night, why not give it a try? Especially if you can look cute while doing it
ARWEAR from ARWEAR on Vimeo.


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