Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Gabor Vona(JOBBIK): Turanism Instead of Euro-Atlantic Alliance!

During the recent past decades of Hungarian public life, Jobbik was the first to talk decisively about the idea of Hungary turning towards the East. There were voices raised, here and there, and feeble attempts which never amounted to much, but it was we, the Jobbik, that proposed a consistent program of policies and showed the way, pointing East.

Many people, of course, only perceived this kind of thinking as a sort of romantic idealism about the ancient origin of Hungarians; of course that is part of it, and it is what gave the impetus to the unfolding of this kind of ideology. However, it is not that backward looking nostalgia that is the most important aspect of this ideology. So, why is Jobbik so much in favour of Hungary turning towards the East, and in fact, what does this all mean?

Hungary stands desperately lonesome in the arena of world politics. Because of the problems we face in international politics, we are in dire need of close and supportive alliances. However, we have no allies. And, no one should foolishly believe that the attempts of the last 20 years to corral us into NATO and the EU, have alleviated the pains of our isolation. Our seemingly benign alliance with the Euro-Atlantic community, which appeared to offer a protective umbrella, has put us in an even more indentured and powerless position. Now, we are not just alone, but we are also obliged to stay that way. We are prevented from building independent, key relationships which would have the expected positive benefits in our cultural, social and economic life. We have to break out of this situation, but unfortunately, the trap we find ourselves in is made stronger by the actions of the current leading parties, Fidesz and MSZP, who are so in sync with Euro-Atlantic interests that they either do not notice the situation we are in, or if they do, they are incapable of doing anything for the advancement of Hungarian national interests.

The Jobbik party is the only political force in Hungary, which has the freedom to develop a strategy for foreign policy not constrained and influenced by financial or political circles, but based solely on the pursuit of national interests. We are convinced that only the East provides a break-out solution for our nation. . And what immense opportunities this opening holds for us!

We, Hungarians are the most westerly of the Eastern people. If we put aside the lies about our Finno-Ugric origin, and only profess that we are the descendents of Atilla, we would suddenly find hundreds of millions ready to form a common basis for alliance. In fact, there are about two hundred million people living in the world today, who can say that they are descendants of Atilla. It is not possible, of course, to build a political strategy based on this fact alone. However, if we take a look at the countries from Bulgaria to Turkey and all the way across to Eastern Asia, we realise that we, Hungarians could have a lot of common political objectives with these countries. We come to realise that an alliance based and developed on the principles of Turanism instead of the Euro-Atlantic alliance would be more effective in serving the needs and interests of our nation.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we need to clarify that this would in no way mean that Hungary should separate from Europe. In fact, what we propose would mean a strengthening of our position in Europe, as Hungary could thus become the Western bastion of a Turanic alliance, as well as its representative within the European Union. We also need not worry about the fact that as a Christian nation, we would be dealing with non-Christian nations. Living a non-Christian way of life is already a common, wide-spread practice within the EU. Besides which, we can safely say that a true Muslim believer or any other true believer in their own country is closer to God the Almighty, than non-practicing Christians inhabiting Europe today. If Hungary wants to regain its positions as a strong player on the stage of international politics it should not head in the direction showed by Fidesz and MSZP, the clownish antics exhibited within the EU, but instead membership in a Turanic alliance , or if needed, its leading role and initiative in forming such an alliance.

As Jobbik party president, I am now taking the first step by declaring here in Hungary and before the whole world: I am Hungarian, grandson of Atilla! Come what may, I am ready

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At last the Jewish-controlled anti-European Front exposes itself. Your sentiment is correct and should be extended to all our enemies who hide behind the banner of patriotism/nationalism. Fuck them all!

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