Thursday, 21 November 2013

France: Shooting in Paris — Left-Wing Libération Targeted

The French authorities are hunting for a gunman on the loose in Paris after shootings at the offices of newspaper Libération and bank Société Générale.
Police have been deployed outside the offices of several media outlets in the French capital.
A photographer’s assistant, was seriously injured when an armed assailant entered Libération’s headquarters in east-central Paris and opened fire.
Nicolas Demorand, Editorial Director of Libération, told reporters: “This level of violence, these tensions surrounding journalists – people who’re doing a job that’s crucial for democracy – should be of concern to all citizens.”
Société Générale said no-one was injured when a gunman opened fire outside its headquarters in the La Défense business district of western Paris.
The authorities believe one gunman, described as European looking and in his 40s, was responsible for the incidents at Libération and Société Générale.
The shootings took place days after an armed intruder, also believed to be the same man, entered the offices of television channel BFM and made threats to journalists.


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