Sunday, 17 November 2013

Female fighter slams the racial hypocrisy of the UFC

by Kyle Rogers
Female Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Michelle Ould is finally asking the questions that her male counter-parts have been too cowardly to ask. Why is the UFC encouraging Latino fans to use the phrase “Brown Pride” while denouncing any white person who would dare use the phrase “White Pride?”

Ould says that the “Brown Pride” slogan should not be encouraged in the UFC. She says that it should not be considered any more or less offensive than the phrase “White Pride.” Michelle Ould, who says her children are “mixed-race” with a Latino father, clearly does not appear to hold “right-wing” views on race. Her comments on Twitter suggest she is a strict ideological egalitarian on racial issues. Nevertheless, the far-left is going bonkers and denouncing her as a “white racist.”
She posted this message on Twitter yesterday.
How offended would ppl be if I wore a sports bra that said ‘white pride’ during on of my fights – or even a tattoo?
The far-left blogosphere immediately went bonkers, denouncing Ould as a hard-core “white supremacist,” “racist,” and worse. Radical leftists barraged Ould with hate mail on Twitter. Ould stuck to her guns and posted several follow up messages.
But it’s a free country-ppl tend to forget. Only weak cowards are afraid to ask.
If things such as these were never asked or challenged we would never grow as a species or civilization.
So white ppl should b ashamed of being white because of past racist assholes? F@ck that.
I’ve experienced racism for being white before & it was scary & sucked.
Obviously if I wore Sumn that said white pride ppl would b offended. That was my point to all of those 2 dense 2 figure it out.
So how can white ppl b proud of who they are without being considered racist?
F@ck u cuz anything any white person says anymore is considered racist while rappers can say the most racist shit ever n it’s ok.
We should be able to express pride in who we are whether it be culture, ethnicity, sex, class, etc regardless of history or others opinions.
The phrase “Brown Pride” even appears on officially licensed UFC merchandise.
Dana White, the head of the UFC, actively promotes the phrase “Brown Pride.” He has defended Cain Velasquez’s “Brown Pride” chest tattoo. He allows Latino fans to wave banners reading “Brown Pride” at matches. He even allowed the distribution of free “Brown Pride” bumper stickers at UFC 121 in Anaheim, California.
Dana White says only a racist person would object to the “Brown Pride” slogan.
None of this would be a big deal except the same Dana White has aggressively denounced and demonized any white person who would use the phrase “White Pride.” Dana White has taken the far-left anti-racism ideology to a whole new level of hypocrisy and absurdity.
Dana White says that only a “redneck, hillbilly, country-bumpkin out in the middle of somewhere” would consider “White Pride” to be appropriate.
Recently Dana White upped the ante. Benjamin Brinsa, a German UFC fighter, was ejected from the league over allegations that he used to have friends who were “racists.” Brinsa admits to being a former “football hooligan.” White decided that being a white fighter who might possibly have had racially offensive friends is not acceptable.
Who is really the hateful one? Someone who advocates racial pride? Or someone who advocates racial pride for one group but self-hating racial guilt for another?
Kyle Rogers is a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Conservative Citizens and Editor-in-Chief of the Citizens Informer.


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