Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Turkish Students Arrested for Nazi Salute at Polish Nazi Camp Site

Two Turkish students who were taken into custody in Poland last week after they a greeted an Israeli tourist group with a Nazi salute during their visit to a former Nazi concentration camp told a Turkish daily on Saturday that they are not racists and only wanted to make a joke.
The students, Mehmet A. and Mesut T., who spoke to the Vatan daily in Lublin, where they went to study as part of the Erasmus student exchange program, expressed regret as they said that their only intention was to make a joke by imitating pictures of Adolf Hitler they saw in the museum. “All we wanted was to take a couple of pictures [posing making the salute] as memories from the camp. We did not know it was a crime in Poland,” said Mehmet A.
Polish law stipulates a three-year prison term for this offense.
According to a report by Polish television station TVN24, the incident occurred at Majdanek, a former Nazi concentration camp near the city of Lublin, last Sunday. The report said the two addressed Israelis with the notorious Nazi greeting “Heil Hitler.”
Following an official complaint by the Israeli group, Polish police detained the two Turkish students and referred them to a prosecutor’s office. The two are reportedly accused of promoting fascist propaganda and insulting Jews.
Mehmet A. said the police kept them in custody for two days before they were questioned at the prosecutor’s office, then released. The students’ passports were taken by the police along with a camera and two mobile phones.
Concerned about losing his college scholarship, Mehmet A. said he is a student who can hardly afford to go to college and admitted that the two were out of line with such a joke, but made it without any bad intentions.


The term 'Polish Nazi Camp Site ' is offensive and incorrect. The German Nazis established the 'camps' on occupied Polish soil. The camps were not Polish as implied by the comment. Please correct the error. Moderator Polish Media Issues.

No mention of the perpetrators -- Germany -- only these nebulous Nazis which were neither a country nor a nationality. Please refrain from misleading your readers about who were the victims and the criminals. Millions of Polish Christians also perished at the hands of Nazi GERMANY.

"Polish Nazi" is distortion of the worst kind! Poland was the first country to fight back against Nazi Germany, and the only country to fight them from the first day of the war to the last. Poland made one of the largest contributions to the Allied war effort. As a result of the German occupation, millions of Polish citizens were killed (half of them Christian), millions more were exploited as slave labor by the Reich, millions others were deported after being evicted from their homes, and hundreds of thousands of Polish children were kidnapped and sent to Germany, never to return to their real parents. Stop whitewashing the Germans of their crimes; stop insulting the memory of Nazi Germany's Polish victims!

Ah Poland! That sweet little country which lies within Englandstan. You can spot them a mile away - pissed out of their heads and causing trouble. The Nazis just didn't have time to finish the job, nevermind, history always repeats itself and the christian and muslim jews are on the menu next time round...

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