Monday, 28 October 2013

"Ongoing campaign against Serbs in Croatia"

In an interview for the Belgrade-based Blic newspaper, the leader of the Autonomous Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) added that "although some are assuring us that there was no campaign against the Serbs or the Cyrillic script in Croatia, too much has been said to confirm that such a campaign is being lead."
Pupovac is coming to Belgrade to participate in a meeting organized by the Institute for Language of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU). He is expected to speak about language ideologies, politics and intolerance in "the post-Yugoslav countries," the daily said.

"After the meeting between (Croatian) Prime Minister Zoran Milanović with representatives of the defenders organized as leaders of a campaign against Cyrillic, and after withdrawal of the police, the situation has been somewhat more peaceful in spite of the removal of two plates in two scripts (Latin and Cyrillic). As regards a compromise, I can say there is room for it, but everyone should contribute," Pupovac was quoted as saying, and adding:

"It is always forgotten in this campaign that the citizens of Vukovar of Serb nationality were also killed or suffered. The atmosphere that is being created now is such that war will be more important than peace."

Pupovac welcomed the recent meeting between the two countries' presidents, and said it was "good because it has the symbolic power even when there are no other effects. I do not know if it was historical."

Speaking about the genocide lawsuits that Croatia and Serbia filed against one another before the International Court of Justice, he said that "political strength and consensus" were necessary in other to make a deal on the status of the lawsuits, but that this was "missing in Croatia at the moment."


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