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Hail for Combat 14 !

About Combat 14

Combat 14
Combat 14 is a project of joint activities of independent and autonomous Serbian national-socialist propaganda involved in public action, publishing, organizing events, and other related activities.
Combat 14 compiles a network of individuals and groups, operating in more cities and towns in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska.
Combat 14 consists of coordinators, activists and supporters.Coordinators are established only for those groups numbering more activists, while associates, assistants and sympathizers are considered supporters of the project.
Combat 14 is not a movement with a permanent membership, yet the  organized joint activity project of its coordinators, activists and supporters who are led by the previously determined guidelines.
Combat 14 has a clearly defined distribution of tasks among its activists and supporters, and strongly insists on applying the same, basing its action in the working environment and genuine comradeship.
Combat 14 represents moderate hierarchical structure in its action, taking up the motto "common good above personal" (general well above personal).
Combat 14 as an independent national-socialist project reserves the right to exclude a particular group or individual if it works in case it or he acts against or in damage to the synergies of our project and the ideas represented by the same.
Combat 14  has an official logo, and an alternative one. The official logo of our project is number 14, which is placed in the modified spur wheel, while the alternative logo is the number 14 inside the laurel.
Combat 14 has no financiers or sponsors, but are funded exclusively from the activists themselves, and timely donations of its supporters.
Combat 14 has no permanent headquarters or local offices, therefore You can contact us through the contact form that you see on our website.
Why declare ourselves as national-socialists?
Our ideological direction, which is a short and simple list covered by our guidelines, represents the true Serbian national-socialist path, grafted too with an ethnic socialist idea and whose base is found primarily in the depths of the Serbian national idea, which essentially should not separate the term national from the concept of social. We believe that the exclusion of social matters and generally national-socialism out of the organic bond with national, is a misstep of today's nationalist organisations.On the other hand, we strongly oppose to any form of false and non-national  socialism which is represented by  red-internationalist as well as democratic ideological directions. Therefore, the essence of our idea is not just the concept of  national and nationalist, but also social and socialist. On the basis of the fact derived from the said prior, we legitimately name ourselves national-socialists or supporters of the idea of national-socialism. The need to preserve the biological origin of our people is impressed in the cohesive and inseparable idea of nationalism and socialism, which makes it the third conceptual direction of our struggle, and it is a necessary element of Serbian national being. As part of a national anti-globalist front, we support Europe of the Nations, which would be an alternative to artificial creation the EU, therefore we are also a part of Europe's truly national movement.

Name and Symbol

Combat 14
Our name is composed of the word COMBAT which very clearly associates to the only possible and rightful manner which saved Serbian people in all fields from their own sidetracks. What Serbian people need, in these difficult times, is primarily a spiritual battle (rebirth) in mind, which will be one of the starting points and the foundation, if not for this, then for the next generation, toward the absolute freedom of our people.
The second part of our name is number fourteen (14), and it is actually  a key guideline of our project. Number 14 indicates the 14 words (We must secure the existence of  Serbian people and a future for our  children) that are a necessary moral and spiritual symbol of Serbs and the Serbian people from the beginning of its existence. The essence of the 14 words can be saved only through the struggle, therefore, merging the words "COMBAT" and "14" we come to a clear, single and immutable path - COMBAT for 14 words!

Our Guidelines

Combat 14
Racial Patriotism
We stand and fight for the preservation of our Slavic origin, as the inalienable organic part of the Indo-European civilization and culture which we belong to. One of the main foundations of our struggle is the love of the genus, its preservation, the fight for our right to be different, and the right of our biological existence, which does not involve hatred towards other biological communities and cultures, but only love and preservation within our own National community. We do not base the theory of biological survival of a nation primarily on biologism and its subdivisions, but in the tradition of our ancestors, who advised us, as the children of this land, to preserve our roots, without whom the spiritual, moral and cultural life of Serbian people would have been ruined. Development of the Serbian people must inevitably be in associated with the preservation of a healthy biological gene of Slavic Serbian ethnicity.

Nationalism and patriotism

We are nationalists because we see the nation as the only way to unite all the forces of one ethnicity, in order to preserve and advance our existence and the conditions under which we live. We are nationalists because we, as Serbs, love our national identity and therefore we are fighting against those wanting to destroy it.
We stand and fight for the land which we inherited from our holy ancestors, and we firmly oppose to any kind of oppression, tearing and extortion of our land, therefore we stand for the unification of all Serbian lands into one territorially integral whole.

Our socialism

We are socialist because in socialism we see the only true union of all citizens, the only chance to keep our origins in order to regain our political freedom and restore our country. We are socialists because we see a social question as a matter of justice and the need for the very existence of the state of our nation and that is why we want to promote social justice in the new Serbia. We entirely reject any false, red-internationalist's and Marxists', socialist idea about the equitable distribution of resources, regardless of awareness and duty of a member of the National Union as a whole, as well as any other anti-national socialist approach. Therefore, as the Serbian socialists, we demand awareness of service to the community from each member of it, where everyone has as much as he deserved by his own honorable effort and commitment (devotion). Internationalist-red, false and quasi-utopian socialist approaches are just a prerequisite for internal conflicts and class conflicts in our community. In the unified and interconnected national organism, each individual is a necessary part of of the organic circuit, consequently, class conflicts would represent a certain disorder in functioning of the national community and social justice.Therefore, our socialism is people's socialism.

Activist concept

Combat 14

 We want the unanimity harmony to be the one path that will lead us trough the action of a project, and to unite the forces trough unanimity in order to achieve the desired results with joint action and comradeship. Learning to work trough agreement and mutual respect, is a huge renunciation but also a leap point for the future. We are for the unanimity.


Militancy (activism) and acting on our own initiative in accordance to the principles and the agreement is the main initiator for the project. Active participation in the operation of this project is the basic goal which we aspire. Breed prior to the number represents the true spirit of a national-revolutionary. We are for Breed!


The path to knowledge is an active work on perfecting our own lore rather than the passive fact. We will try to give as much influence trough our articles and sections that will be posted on our official website,blog and trough periodic publication of magazines, especially on the Serbian youth which is on its own path of destruction. Knowledge is power!

Discipline and solidarity is needed in every activist structure. Discipline is what we strive for, and it's what our action is based on. We believe that an inner moral postulate of every sincere national socialist is to act in compliance to discipline, therefore discipline is not needed to be imposed. In our own time, learning to govern ourselves and to be disciplined is a call from within (an internal obligation), and it mostly does not depend on the outer (external) influence. Discipline is our moral duty!

Order and work

We are committed to work and order because mainly students and workers are active in our project. Indolence,susceptibility to vices, alcoholism, drug abuse, and all other anarchist elements of the new world order is nothing more than a representation of a bad man on a bad path, by no means  an honorable national-revolutionary. We want order and work!


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