Thursday, 10 October 2013

Cameraman's disgusting anti-semitic rant is recorded on Jewish couple's wedding video

A newlywed Jewish couple today described their disgust at a cameraman’s anti-Semitic rant on the soundtrack to their wedding video.
Claudia Ressler and Stan Gocman found that it was littered with foul-mouthed remarks from videographer Anthony Aurelius, clearly unaware that he was recording himself.
As he records the ceremony, at a London synagogue, and the reception, he can be heard telling his assistant: “Some of the Jewish women are very beautiful to look at.
“But I can tell you, they’d be right f****** cows. Very f****** snooty, they’d be a pain in the arse. Not a very attractive bride at all.”
He also says Jewish people are “the meanest people in the world”, adding: “Not a lot of niceness about them is there? Very little warmth.”
Apology: The cameraman's grovelling letter Mrs Gocman, 27, a fashion buyer for Ralph Lauren, and Mr Gocman, 28, a senior recruiter at accountancy firm KPMG, held their reception at  a central London hotel in August  last year.
The couple were first sent the wrong video, involving a different wedding. It then took nine months before the right one arrived — but the Gocmans claim it was so bad that they agreed to pay extra for the unedited version.
Happy couple: Claudia Ressler and Stan Gocman It was only then that they realised the microphone had picked up the videographer’s commentary.
At one point on the unedited reel, Mr Aurelius was heard to say: “Mental, Israeli dancing, isn’t it? There’s a real feeling of, like, they’re better than everybody else. Jewish.”
His assistant said: “That’s why Holocaust.” Mr Aurelius replied as he filmed the bride from only a few feet away: “I don’t think I blame Hitler.”
The couple, from Edgware, had attempted to sue Mr Aurelius for negligence — but since the wedding in August last year he has closed down his businesses, making it difficult for them to take legal action.
Mr Aurelius has since sent a grovelling hand-written letter and an e-mail to Mrs Gocman.
“I am very sorry for our stupid, childish conversation,” he wrote in the e-mail. “I am also very sorry for offending you and possibly your family also. You did not deserve this. I am ashamed, in honesty.” The letter contained a cheque for a full refund.
Mrs Gocman said: “The comments have left us feeling very upset and very angry.” Her husband said: “He thought we were a lot more wealthy than we are and he resented that.

“I would think that, in this day and age, someone who had done Jewish weddings in the past would be more accepting.” Mr Aurelius was not available for comment.


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