Monday, 21 October 2013

2013 November 9: Night of Purgation

On November 9, 2013, we will attack the dark forces! In the evening of this day flames will burn all around the world and guided by the Power of the Light we will start the fight for a better future. We call on you: be a Warrior of Truth! With your friends and family, collect everything that is poisoning your life, and burn it during the Night of Purgation.

For example, destroy all immoral, pornographic books and magazines; destroy everything that promotes abortion, destroy chauvinistic material, everything that contains spiteful banners and all zionist related things. We will burn those things together with other things that lowers the moral of our folks, our nations, their past, their future, their culture, et cetera.

The call is independent from organizations!

Everyone can join, alone or with friends, independently or as a part of an organization - the major goal is to participate in the destruction of objects that poison the everyday life on November 9 when it is 8PM in your country. By doing like that you will become a Warrior of the Light and a Member of God's Army who cleanses the Earth from immorality.

Let us say a prayer!

While burning the symbols of satan, we can unveil the symbol of the Sun. Let all participants pray for strength, courage and perseverance to continue the long fight that is ahead of us.

Viribus Unitis - Together United!

We call on you to take pictures (not necessarily pictures of yourself) and write a report about the event. Please send your reports to, the reports will be published at

This is an opportunity for the Nations of the World to show that they are able to get up and fight. Our love for each other, our nation and the Truth is what connects us. We share the same enemies: the zionist oppressors have dragged the world into immorality. We wait for and call on the children of every nation to organized themselves and join us in our fight.

Wake up World! Wake up Europe! Let's Fight to achieve Victory!


I smell bacon here! Muslims are dangerous zionists in the extreme. Anyone speaking about satan and God's army has got to be a twisted Abrahamic Death Cult type!
Not for me pal. Just burn your vile 'holy' books and leave the remainder thanks very much...

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