Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Dictatorship of the Memorandum is here! The State and it’s lackeys persecute Greek Nationalists!

It has already begun, the international usurers have stepped up their full scale attack on the peoples nationalist movement. GOLDEN DAWN IS HERE, and the Greek people know what is happening and stand by the Peoples Association!
Raise the flags high! Our comrades in Greece are organizing a protest against this treacherous and illegal decision! More details to come!

Right now, hundreds of nationalists are demonstrating their resistance against this vicious regime that dominates our country. The coalition government subservient to the international usurers along with the leftist traitors execute the orders of the foreign decision makers.  Their aim is to exterminate the people’s nationalist movement and have a nice, smooth “bloodless” 3rd memorandum. Golden Dawn does not submit!


Hail Golden Dawn! Time to strike back at the criminal liberalist/zionist 'democracies', democracy and freedom, only if it is in agreement with theirs! Time to clean up Europe and kick out the 'massas' and their 3rd world trash.....

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