Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pioneer Little Europe Kalispell Wins Again!

Since before I got up here to Montana, there has been a group that calls itself "Love Lives Here" hassling local and transplanted WNs. One of their favored targets has been the Kalispell PLE and April.

So far the leadership changes of this barely-there "group" have been coming like crazy. It is almost difficult to keep track of who the newest leader is.

Today I decided to put together information for the PLE forum about Rev. Julia McKay... the most recent anti-White bully. Taking a gander at the page "Glacier Unitarian Universalist Fellowship" I attempted to get her email address... and noted that she is now gone... and replaced with a new lady.

I then went to the Unitarian Universalist website, and joy oh joy.....


Rev. Julia McKay
Current Position 2013 Minister UU(Called)
Columbine Unit. Univ. Church
6724 S Webster St
Littleton, Colorado 80128-4493

Church Office: (303) 972-1716
Fax: (303) 972-1716

Previous Position 2010-2013 Minister
Glacier UU Fellowship
Kalispell, MT

So, it looks like the anti-Whites can't even keep their leadership in town, let alone do anything to keep us out.

We are winning. They are losing. It's very plain to see.

I was wondering why the anti-White racists have kept quiet about us in the last 6 months... and now we all know.

Out of curiosity I have just sent her an information request.


I see you've left Kalispell. I was wondering if you offhand had the contact information of whomever is currently leading "Love Lives Here"? Or is it now a defunct group of people that have given up?

We'll see if I get a response. It should be interesting.

If you want to send her well-wishes for running away, send them here....

Rev. Julia McKay @ UUA

Have a long and fruitful life, Julia... just do it outside of Montana. Peace!

As for the new lady at the local UUA... Rev. Mary Wellemeyer... let's not give her a hard time for now.


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