Sunday, 22 September 2013

Neo-nazis encouraged to protest a mosque in Iceland

"I don't know what to say, this maybe shows that the resistance against us is not very mature" says Sverrir Agnarsson, president of the Icelandic Muslim Association. A message, where people were encouraged to protest a mosque in Iceland, was posted on a chat room for neo-nazis nine days ago.
The website is called, and it is quite popular. The website has 270.000 users who have posted over 10 million messages. It is stated on the website that the users are white nationalists that want to protect the white minority.
It was the user Swastika88 who posted the message last August 19th. The message for example reads:
"Hello brothers and sisters from all around the world.In Iceland at the moment there is a huge debate about if there should be built a huge Islamic mosque in the heart of Reykjavík city.The City Council has given the land to the Islamic organization of Iceland.Reykjavík city still has not finally approved of the mosque because a big part of the Icelandic population strongly opposes to the idea of a mosque being built.If that mosque is built it will have disastrous affect on all the Icelandic nation.More and more Muslims will come with their family's and before we know we will end up like our neighbor lands with the following troubles and our little community simply will not survive intrusion like that."
"So i ask for your support to press like on the following Facebook page below.This site is for everybody who opposes to the mosque.At the moment there is also another Facebook page that is gathering likes to show support for the mosque and they have a little less following but they are gaining upon us.The media here in Iceland has mentioned those sites when they cover news related to this.So this is a very powerful tool to show that we don't want any mosque or Islamisation here in Iceland."


Cut out the cancer that is Islam! If possible, stop it before it starts, for once it infects, it's malignancy is ferocious and pretty soon you have the death of all other cultures. If you cut the head off the snake, the body will die......

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