Tuesday, 17 September 2013


That's what happens when you have monkeys in a position of power. Instead of Cameroon the jew rent boy pledging £300,000 for a holocaust fund, it should be earmarked for a new gas chamber in London to enforce, what Sir David Attenbourgh and friends advocate..... euthenasia of ALL 'people' of colour. This will eradicate world poverty, racism, eco-terrorism and a whole host of diseases both carried and inbred by these filthy creatures.
Let Britain be the first nation to unilaterally begin to save the planet :-)
Works for me.....

At last! Finally I can post without being 'anonymous'. I have had terrible internet trouble lol!

Here we are in a free zone.For the moment.We hope that zog will not close again another NS website.Anyway will be a quick move to other payed hosting..

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