Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Anti-white racists get rumbled In spectacular European Parliament (FULL VIDEO)

Shocking European legislation planned to legalise genocide of white Europeans: -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=V1rQPzl85-4 18 September 2013 - Brussels. At the EU Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee meeting in Brussels Nick Griffin, a representative from the UK, did not hesitate to point out that the ultimate goal of the EU's proposed " Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance legislation" being debated, is genocide.

Other European parliamentarians also warned that 'the goal of this legislation is to criminalize any opposition to the massive third-world immigration and the forced assimilation being forced upon Europe.'

"This Pandora's box of oppression would release upon the indigenous peoples of Europe all manner of fascist restrictions from enforced child brainwashing and compulsory media propaganda quotas right through to thought crime Gulags.These following paragraphs are amongst the new law being included in the EU's proposed "Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance: "
Section 7. Penal Sanctions
(a) The following acts will be regarded as criminal offences punishable as aggravated crimes:
(i) Hate crimes as defined in Section 1(c).
(ii) Incitement to violence against a group as defined in Section 1(a).
(iii) Group libel as defined in Section 1(b).
(iv) Overt approval of a totalitarian ideology, xenophobia or anti-Semitism.
(v) Public approval or denial of the Holocaust.
(vi) Public approval or denial of any other act of genocide the existence of which has been determined by an international criminal court or tribunal.

Explanatory note:
This Sub-Section defines acts punishable as aggravated crimes. Sub-paragraph (vi) does not affect public (or private) discussions and differences of opinion as to whether other acts – not covered by decisions of international courts or tribunals - also amount, or fail to amount, to genocide.
(b) Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme designed to instil in them a culture of tolerance.
(c) Crimes listed in paragraph (a) will not be considered political offences for purposes of extradition.
(d) (e) Victims of crimes listed in paragraph (a) will have a legal standing to bring a case against the perpetrators, as well as a right to redress.
(f) Free legal aid will be offered to victims of crimes listed in paragraph (a), irrespective of qualification in terms of impecuniosity.


Jews again!!! Their infernal plan to wipe out the white races of Europe right at the heart of the EU, disgusting. Roll on a nuclear Iran and the annihilation of Israel! Hailar! Wodanar!

I am and always have been a National Socialist or 'Nazi' as we are often referred to, yet I am not 'tolerated', instead I am or would be persecuted by this left-wing liberal social abomination called EU, which is headed by a strong Zionist/Jewish fraternity with their incipient agenda of 'multiculturalism' and mass third world immigration, turning our homelands, our Fatherlands if you like, into cesspits of depravity and medieval communities of very backward social and moral attitudes, who add nothing to our cultures, instead draining our services, whilst recreating their own sub human living conditions from their third world origins.
I have to restrict my right to freedom of speech, in case I too am at the receiving end of the 'boots kicking in my door' at 6am!
I am no great fan of Mr Griffin, however he hit the nail on the head with his comments. The time has come to reject the Zionist mass media machine for its lies and propaganda, as well as get rid of these so-called governments of 'liberal' intolerance to all who do not share their zombie vision of the future.
The true enemy is the Abrahamic death cults, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We must tear down their perverse empire before it is too late...

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