Sunday, 11 August 2013

This is Europa - Crimea,Ukraine -

Crimea is a destination that boasts adventure, history and excitement, with each sight having its own story to tell. It is one of the most preferred destinations in the Ukraine for its extensive collection of outdoor activities; offering rock climbing, hiking; mountain biking, windsurfing, and horseback riding all of which have breathtaking sightseeing opportunities thrown in. The area won independence to have its own government whilst remaining apart of Ukraine and has a population of 1.9million residents. It is divided into fourteen districts that fall in to twenty-five regions.

Many if the cities within the regions play a fundamental role in the running of the Crimea Peninsula, which offers many produce as well as extensive tourism. Eupatoria takes on a highly varied function of resort, railway connection and a major city port whilst Dzhankov is the significant railway city. 
Bakhchisaray is immersed in historical importance whilst Yalta is one of the busiest tourist destinations for its Mediterranean climate and the choice to wander beautiful woody mountains, picturesque beaches, vineyards and orchards. Near to Yalta there boasts a popular attraction named The Meadow of Fairy Tales, this is a place filled with around 200 sculptures formed by local artists, on completion of this wonderful sight relax amongst the number of appealing restaurants or kick up your heels and enjoy the exceedingly active nightlife.
This is definitely an area of Ukraine that has a pleasant surprise awaiting you with every corner turned.
Yalta,Hurzuf,Alushta,Alupka,Belaklava,Sevastopol...-great destination.


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