Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Only 46% of Scots know enough about independece referendum...but 88% are likely to vote

Less than half of Scots feel well informed enough about the issues surrounding independence and the referendum, research by pro-independence campaign group Yes Scotland has found.
A survey commissioned by the organisation revealed that, of those polled, 46% believe they know enough ahead of the 2014 vote.
Of those people, 47% said they plan to vote yes, 1% behind the number who said they planned to vote no.
The survey - which is part of a wider programme of research by Yes Scotland - quizzed more than 1,000 people in April.
It also found that 74% of people are interested in the independence debate, compared with 10% who said they are not, while 75% said they are 'very likely to vote' and a further 13% said they are 'quite likely to vote'.
Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland, said: "These surveys are only one element of our internal research programme.
"They, along with other detailed analysis, clearly show that the more people know about independence the more they are attracted to it. They tell us that if we continue to work hard and get our message across to more and more people we have everything to play for.
"With just over a year to go to the referendum, the figures show we are currently running neck-and-neck with the No campaign among people who already feel well informed."

Note 14 words: DOES IT MATTER?


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