Monday, 29 July 2013

United Against Fascism hold protest at UKBA asylum-seekers’ headquarters

British anti-racism protesters have held a counter-rally against the far-right English Volunteer Forces (EVF) demonstration outside the UK Border Agency’s asylum-seekers’ headquarters in London.

The Unite Against Fascism (UAF) gathered outside the Lunar House building in Croydon, London, on Saturday to condemn EVF’s preaching of Islamophobia and racism and their campaign for what UAF described as “scapegoating migrants” for the problems facing the British society.

UAF protesters said the EVF’s call for an end to the current levels of immigration into Britain, mainly targeted at foreign national from Muslim backgrounds, is whitewashing the real cause of social problems aimed at stoking up anti-Muslim hatred.

Lunar House is the UK Border Agency building where all asylum-seekers have to attend to have their applications examined.

The anti-fascist group said the EVF are more “openly and virulently racist” than their parent group, the far right English Defense League (EDL), and want to capitalize on the recent wave of anti-Muslim hatred following the killing of a British soldier in London to … Islamophobia.

The conservative MP for Croydon Richard Ottaway had earlier censured the EVF saying they seek to “divide our community by deliberately stoking up hatred against Muslims”.

The call for a counter-protest against EVF at Lunar House was initially made by the Croydon Trades Union Council on behalf of the many Home Office employees who work at the border agency building.


Another chimpanzee tea party! Nothing like a nice cuppa, before lobbing a few bottles at the decent folks highlighting the country's biggest threat since 1940. You've got to laugh, not a braincell between them. The most 'fascist' dis-organisation to ever soil the streets of Britain! The guy with the beard and glasses should be captioned lol! Answers on a postcard please hahaha...

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