Monday, 22 July 2013

UK: Hackney council replaces drawing of street because it's 'too white'

A London council has been forced to re-issue the image of an historic street because an artist’s impression was “too white”.
Hackney council published the picture of the Hackney Central thoroughfare to illustrate planned changes to the recently pedestrianised Narrow Way. But after the Black and Ethnic Minority Network pointed out that almost everyone in the image was white, the council took it off their website.
Now you don't: the new image of Narrow Way A page about the Narrow Way on the website now displays an alternative picture.
In a press release entitled “Future of Hackney won’t be whitewashed”, BEMA Network spokesman  Ngoma Bishop said the original image  “revealed Hackney’s transformation into a borough inhabited almost entirely by young white people.”
A spokesman for architects Studio Weave, who produced the image, said it was meant to show the street rather than to represent Hackney and added: “We didn’t want to offend anyone”.


Perhaps it was just a polite way to point out that a "future Britain" wont be over run by mud races, after we get rid of them back to their third world paradise...

Of course Hackney needs to have images of blacks, browns and yellows in preference to whites, the multicultists are always telling us...race/colour doesn't matter!!!

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