Monday, 29 July 2013

Two people charged over book of Hitler's speeches

Brno, July 26 (CTK) - The Czech police suspect two men of denying, challenging, approving and justifying genocide by publishing a book of selected speeches of Adolf Hitler, police spokeswoman Petra Vedrova told CTK Friday.

The book, Adolf Hitler: Projevy (Speeches), appeared in Czech bookshops last year.
The publisher, Pavel Kamas, told CTK that he and his aide Lukas Beer, who wrote the preface and some comments, are the suspects in focus of the police.
Kamas previously said the book's goal is to offer Hitler's hitherto practically unaccessible speeches to readers as a chance for them to make their own opinion.
Vedrova said the two men are suspected of misdemeanour and their trial may start within two weeks.
In the past months, the book came under the criticism of experts, who said Hitler's speeches were an instrument of Nazi propaganda and may be misleading if published without any comments of experts.
Kamas has defended the book from the beginning.
"Lukas Beer is a top quality author and an expert in the problem at issue, he is no ideological criminal. As for me, I'm a mere publisher. We both view the accusation as a gross violation of the freedom of speech and expression, which is guaranteed by the constitution," Kamas wrote in a statement for CTK.
The controversial book was issued by the Guidemedia publisher's house. Some sellers have withdrawn it from bookshops recently.
It is a book of selected speeches Hitler gave in 1939-1942. It has 650 pages, the print run was 10,000 copies and it has been available via the Internet sale only.
A text promoting the book on says Hitler spoke about Czechs with respect and appreciation, that he respected Slovaks, sought peace, wanted to have mass destruction weapons liquidated, wished sincere friendship with Britain and had nothing against Russians.
Czech political analyst Miroslav Mares said it is still uncertain what is a crime in similar cases and what not.
"This is an interesting case. In my opinion, [the court verdict on] it will define the activities punishable as criminal [in this area]. It may define the framework of what is punishable and what not. By all means it is a controversial case," Mares told CTK.
The Guidemedia publisher's company has been mentioned by the Interior Ministry's report on the situation on the extremist scene in the first quarter of 2013.
It says the comments related to the book of Hitler's speeches directly and indirectly defend Nazism. Guidemedia's publishing plan, for its part, directly confirms the promotion of these ideas under the veil of publishing historical books and works, the ministry wrote in the report.


Ah, if only the Koran was treated in such a way, as it is full of Nazi type philosophy and propaganda and used daily to promote extremism, anti-Semitism and mass murder/genocide on a scale never seen in the history of mankind. Alas no! Too many governments in Europe kowtow to the Abrahamic syphilis of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, laced with a splash of Marxist carcinogenic libertine-ism. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Also, a resounding congratulations and happy 100th birthday to Erich Priebke!!! May you see many more and irritate the blood-lusting Jews of Rome for years to come. We will never forget the heroism and great service that you and your comrades gave for the sake of Europe, thank you!

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